Friday, July 01, 2005


I Am Not An Obsessive Bitch

Therefore it will likely surprise some of you to learn that this is not my entire stash of beads.

I think I paid for four packages of jewelry findings, two packages of beads, one set of wire cutters (dollar store) and two sets of needle-nosed pliers (ditto). The rest is the result of startling generosity of friends and acquaintances.

Now if only I could find the fucking aforementioned pliers I'd be laughing ...

On a completely unrelated note, if anyone's going to be staying in Vancouver at any point in the near future and wants to stay somewhere special, check out Hamersley House. It's a fantastically beautiful bed and breakfast, and it's owned by my new landlords. They spent years fixing it up and they done good.

No, my house doesn't look like that.


Moderation is waaaay overrated. Sez the hungover bitch in the corner.
Hey Rab,
You know who is going to be in Vancouver? You know it! I will show this link to Mr. Yarn and let him decide. Looks cool though. You still up for meeting?
Hey, given the state of American politics, etc, there's a chance I might be MOVING north of the border. Any place you'd recommend?

And do Canada's take kindly to diesel cars? ;)
Gwyn: Moderation is for monks, but from your blog it sounds like, um, perhaps you could be a little less religious next time.

Janis: Yes! I'm up for a meet! That place is very near my house; we could meet up easily.

Carma: I'd recommend Vancouver but I'm a snob like that. If you'd like a reasonable chance of having a good lifestyle, unless you're independently wealthy you should likely look at somewhere else, though.

As for diesel cars, we have diesel for sale at every gas station, as far as I know.
oooo beads.

"new" landlord? Did I miss something?
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