Wednesday, July 20, 2005


For Those Who Would Mock The Afflicted

I present to you, a big rack of ass.

Really, dude, it looks like someone ate a clown and then puked.

We'll be working on this one later today.

Or digging a hole in the back 40.

Don't dig the hole. Get someone to do it for you. :-) Lovely bunch of circus wool.
Actually, it looks like an Easter Rabbit type clown. Don't dig the hole, I bet when you spin it (it would make good practice, see?), somebody will love it.
I bet it would make a nice baby or easter yarn, actually.
You should spin it. It has potential. I'm not sure how much, though.
give it a chance, it might actually come out of it. ya never know. sheep at the beach didn't like one colorway she did until she started knitting it, this may be the same way. and if not, spin it up, and give it to someone to use for charity. technicolor yawn indeed
Really, it doesn't look so bad. Use it to practise spinning and then when you go to your next lesson you will have something to ply. That way you can use up the dyed stuff, avoid the guilty feelings associated with throwing it away, and also avoid the disappointment you would experience by ruining *good* fiber in either the spinning or the plying process. If its a nice fleece, the colour doesn't really matter, you can always dye it a darker colour sometime down the line. I'm told black dye hides all kinds of "less than lovely" dying experiments.
Surely it's worthy of spinning and knitting something for the girlchild, who is of the right age to adore pastels, non? C'mon! You're the woman with WAY too much cotton because she has an overdeveloped sense of obligation. You know you have to do something with it, even if you don't want to.
A friend of mine made socks with variegated yarn in those colors. We called "clown in a blender" yarn.

Just found your blog. Am enjoying it immensely.

Carolyn aka Curlypurl (
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