Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Fish and Chimps

Oh dog.

My newly-dyed fleece looks like ass. Pepto-Bismol pink ass, reeking gently of cider vinegar.

The red is PINK, the purple alas is gone and in its place is PINK and the whole thing reeks like some sort of personal cleansing procedure gone horribly wrong. If sheep ever got into feminine hygiene, this is the sort of thing that they would smell like. Except more cidery.

Oh great, drunken sheepdouching. Just what the world needed.

I can only hope that in the cold, harsh light of morning, I can find some way to continue on, but hey, at least it's replaced the horrifying green cotton as my personal bete noir!

Stay tuned for photos. Or not.

I think we need pictures. It may not be as pink as you think. (Can you tell I worked 18 hours straight today?) Seriously, if it's vile, redye the hell out of it.

It's not just the pink, there's also the SMELL ...

I will either redye it or gift it.

Um, do I have your address? *g*
A mild (light) green with dull that >pinque< down.

Fresh air and sunshine will fade the smell.

Did you figure out where my magazine is yet?
It's under the sofa.
Heh. I know it's tragic, but god, is it funny. Pics, please.
Well that is what it usually smells like after you dye easter eggs. There is just so much more of it there to smell. It should go away eventually.
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