Thursday, July 14, 2005


Everybody's Talkin' At Me

And, apparently, I don't hear a word they say.

In lieu of any real blog fodder tonight I have, for your reading pleasure, answers to questions asked so long ago you've probably stopped caring about them, and follow-ups to comments made by people who have forgotten who the hell I am.

Gimme a break, k? Today's my bloggiversary (yes, I will try for any sort of sympathy I can get -- good of you to mention it) and I must say that, looking back upon the sea of drunken rhetoric interspersed with all-too-frequent obscenity that I have left in my wake, I don't think that Crazy Aunt Purl can be the only one to be a little embarrassed about all the TALKING, you know?

Item #1 -- Hey, Lucia! Umm, hi! I like your style. You commented like way back on February 27th and I didn't see it until now. I don't usually obsessively read my own blog, but usually I at least check out the comments. My bad.

Item #2 -- Regarding my February 21 post, thank you Stitchy, I was flattered and understood completely what you meant. I've always thought I was a throwback to the '40s. And no, Marlene, seeing my grandpa was like a preaching kinda guy I think the swearage was likely kept to a minimum.

Item #3 -- dragon knitter, I got the wound in my February 20 post through my stupid eczema. I'm allergic to everything (especially including stress), and apparently my thumb decided to protest its exposure to something or other. I am pleased to say that today, a mere five months later, I am (insert televangelist's voice here) healed!

Item #4 -- Alice, are you still alive? I haven't gotten an address from you (from our March interaction) and you haven't posted since April.

Item #5 -- April 30. MarQ1 asked how I was going to dye the wool, and what it was going to be when it was done. I'm going to dye it in either my big pasta pot or in Rubbermaid tubs. What it's going to be depends on what it looks like. Eleanor gets to choose the colours. I need a shawl, and perhaps it will become one of those. Maybe even woven on my new loom! He also asked if egg dye was permanent on anything other than formica countertops and children's clothing ... I suspect it may also be permanent on anything I'm wearing and possibly the carpet or the tile floor in the kitchen.

Item #6 -- Vicki, you responded to about ten posts or something in April and I never said a word in return. Clearly, I am a twat, forgive me. And I hope you got the job you were hoping for back then. And Holly thank you also, you have the cutest dogs, and cats. I love reading your blog.

Item #7 -- Tuesday, April 5. Yes, Gwyn, I will marry you. Or be your best friend. Either works. Both.

Item #8 -- I never did cast on The Chicken Hat. I suck ass. Thanks to everyone who participated. I may make one yet.

Item #9 -- May 31, yes Hockey Mom, you may use the term "all full up", as may anyone else who feels the same way.

Item #10 -- May 30, yes Cathy, you may use my drum carder, but unless your spare room is astounding, I'll never get my stash in there. Let's just trade back and forth for a bit, mmkay? And yes, Susan, I will share the karma. You're close enough for me to bring some in person. Coffee, soon-ish? I do think you're supposed to pay for it somehow and somewhere, Quinnbee, but I don't think it costs very much. A quarter will do.

Item #11 -- May 26, again with the comment from Susan, I plan on dyeing it with easter-egg dye I got on discount from the Stupid Store (aka SuperStore). 35 cents a box and I hear it is good for yarn. Might as well try, nothing to lose but some free wool and cheap dye.

Item #12 -- you are so stalking me, missy, and if I hadn't lost your address I'd be sending you some bunnie slippers right soon. Email me again will you, Miss Bunnie Balls, with your snailmail addie and I'll make sure you get them shortly.

An aside here. Miss Bunnie Balls, who is and always will remain anonymous, is TOO a stalker, no matter what she says, and also a truly magnificent person from way back. About four years ago when my car blew up, I called a friend at the college to take me home, with my small child in tow. My vehicle had blown the fuel pump I do believe. And the alternator at the same time. It was something truly awful and Ben wasn't working and daycare was $850 a month and I was fucked. I stood in the driveway, after Dave, who is also one of the best human beings I know, had driven me home and I said out loud "universe, I need some sort of miracle; my car is dead and I can't fix it ... help me out here". I went into the house and checked my email and there was a message from a total stranger saying "Janice, I will send you the money for your car. How much is it?" I wrote back saying "Um, who are you? And why are you offering? I don't want to be counting the gift horse's teeth but this is strange." And she wrote back saying that she had been in the same place years before, that she had been reading my spewings on usenet and thought that a) I was funnier than fuck (I think she was too much of a lady to actually say fuck) and b) she had never known anyone who worked harder than I did and c) she had it, I needed it, and she wanted to do it so I should shut up and take it.

And so I said well, it's lotsmumblehundred dollars, and she said that's fine, shut up and take it and gimme a Western Union office to send it to.

And so up I shut, and send it she did. And it was a gimme, not a loan. And so because I wasn't allowed to pay it back, I've been trying to pay it forward ever since. Karma needs to be passed around.

And that's why she needs some kitty or bunnie slippers. Send an address, sillyperson; I've lost the packing material from the bunnie balls and don't have it any more.

Item #13 -- Danielle had some good suggestions as to keeping the wool-eating bugs away and hiding my stinky wool. Go look at the lovely stuff she's spinning!

Item #14 - May 14th post. I won't name the knitter for those who don't know him, but I'm glad that some folks after reading my post got the courage to keep knitting in spite of the slings and arrows. Yes acrylic squeaks, yes, it's not as "nice" to knit with as expensive fibres, and yes, it has its place. Anyone who thinks differently or who feels they can dictate the fibre or the items that someone chooses can bite my large wobbly white ass.

Nuff said.

Item #15 -- May 12 Emma, it's because he's terminally lazy, but he's been working for five weeks now and we'll be ok again financially by the end of September, thank dog.

Carma, if you've had a fleece in your trunk for a couple of years, I think it's time you embraced the dark side and got yourself a wheel. No fleece should be forced to languish that long.

Item #16 -- May 12 again, Laura, a beer in this neck of the woods is about 12 ounces, so ONE in your part of town would be all that you could have before driving. I would recommend having three or four, and then taking a cab or a bus, myself.

Item #17 - Chela Jane accuses me of enticing her to blog. My evil continues to spread. Go read her, she's good.

Item #18 -- Yes, MarQ1, I always call "weddings" "weedings". It's a holdover from my old usenet days. Indulge me, please. I am weird. And Kathy, I can't make your link work, but no the bed isn't on the floor, there is a frame under it. And it isn't mine anyhow, it's Ben's bed. I stopped sleeping in the same room as him when the snoring got too bad. I sleep with my kid now and am far less grumpy.

Item #19 -- Thank you knitbrarian for the info about the Harlot's Vancouver appearance, however I'm still going to have to go to Seattle, as that is the day my mother in law is getting married. Damn Steph anyhow for not checking with me first!

Item #20 -- a "breast mouse" is a collection of cells that decide to hang out together and make a huge lump in your boob. The first time you feel it you think you're going to die 'cause you have this huge lump. It's very scary but it's absolutely nothing. My surgeon told me I could wait ten years to have it taken out if I felt like it 'cause it's never going to go bad. I figure he should know, seeing he's the guy who saved my father's life 5 years ago.

I wouldn't recommend a core biopsy to anyone, it's horrible, they freeze you up and then suck this thing like a core geological sample out of you with a wide-bore needle, but it's reassuring as hell to get the lab reports back later. And a month later when your boob looks like a boob again and not a watermelon, that's cool too.

Item #21 -- June 16 -- the loom just arrived, anonymous, and is on the way in, not out.

Item #22 -- Liz, I demand pix of your poodle perm with the bangs sticking up. I was brave enough to post mine, girl; now it's your turn!

Item #23 -- Last, but not least, thank dog, becuase I'm getting very tired, yes, Franklin, you may call me any time you'd like. Email me at and I'll give you my number.

I can't tell you how much fun I've had with this blog over the last year. I recently picked up some old medical records of mine, complete with 20-year-old psychiatric reports (yes, I was nuts for a bit). According to those, by my interpretation, this blog is one of the healthiest things I could have chosen to do. Well, apart from killing my parents with a ball-peen hammer. But I don't have one.

Anyhow lastly, a huge thank you to everyone who's been reading and commenting over the last year. You're all sick. Get help. But make sure you get help someplace they have internet access, mmkay?

And that's all I have to say.


Happy Blogiversary - Thank YOU for sharing yourself through your blog. I get a little cranky when I open bloglines and there's no update from Rabbitch. I need my daily dose! (and no, I'm not particularly strange... or a stalker) Of course I also follow itgirl - and I'm ready to send out a search party. Maybe I AM a tad bit strange.

I never cast on for the chicken either (of course I didn't organize it) but I'm with ya on the not casting on. Great hat in theory, but where am I gonna wear it... I live in the freakin desert.

Really, I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you.
Happy Bloggiversary! Just so you know, ball peen hammers are cheap--under $20 at the home improvement stores....Lol!
Oh Rabbitch darling, we'd be simply lost without you! =) We need you to guide us to the latest and greatest in evilness and fibery addictions. Face it, you're the leader of a group of fiber addicted and addle pated lemurs. Deal.

Happy,happy blogiversary !
Hey, that's cool to have a generous stalker!

Don't worry about not answering. I sometimes answer comments and sometimes don't. Sort of depends!
Bon blogiversaire from the other side of the country :-) I checked back on some of those entries you mentioned in this post, and I think I hurt a good way...
Happy Blogiversary! What are we now...twenty-nine, mmm? (And I have every intention of making that damn chicken hat, specifically so I can send it to my vegetarian friend and horrify her. Hey, some people do crossword puzzles.)
Hey, we're mostly all charter members of the so-crazy-we're-sane club. It's just that not all of us have PAPERS...Happy blogiversary and thanks for helping me keep my monitor screen washed...
Geez... now I'm going to have to try to find my old yearbook... unless my mother has my old school pictures floating around somewhere (which is a scary thought, eh?). I'll see what I can do. :)

Happy blogiversary!
Happy blog day to my coolest Canadian friend!
¡Feliz blogueaños! With regards to item #22, I think everyone should post their poodle perms, bangs and all! Let she who has not been permed cast the first stone! Also, we over here at Throwing Sticks are waiting for more of "100 things about Rabbitch".
Happy Blogiversary to you!!!
I enjoy reading you do make me laugh....
Chicken hat...hmmm...I do know someone who would appreciate that for their baby...
You are a much braver woman than I.
I've really enjoyed your humour.
I always make sure I set down my tea before reading your blog.
The chicken'll get to it eventualy I'm sure.

Happy Blogiversary!
A Happy Blogiversary to you girl! Thanks for acknowledging my humble Woolly self. :-) You're one of a kind and I love that about you!
You know I was politely not mentioning the fact that you never did get that chicken hat done. My brother did something like that to me once. He convinced me to run past the living room window and stick out my tongue. It was a "game" we were all going to do. Well, Mom came flying out of the house and shook me to within an inch of my life before it ever got to be HIS turn. think he PLANNED it that way?

Some day I am going to get a picture of you in a chicken hat even if I have to knit it myself.
Re Item 19 - girl, if you weren't coming to seattle I would soooo be pissed because seriously we NEED to get intoxicated together soon! Happy blogiversary, glad to have you in the world!
Happy Blogiversary, Rabbitch! When I said that I was going to go see a famous knitter/blogger/author from Canada in L.A. my DH asked if it was "that Rabbitch lady." I immediately realized how cool that would be, and I am officially requesting that you use ALL that spare time you have to write a book and come to L.A. K?
Do you think that address is lost with the thingie you can't find for your table? It's a conspiracy I am sure. Happy Bloggiversay!
I was lonely and unhappy and you were one of the things I had to look forward to each day. You may be sick and twisted, but that is why I like you so much. This may have been therapy for you, but it was much more than that to me. I hope I can read you for a long time coming. And thanks for adding me to your blog list, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!
"Karma needs to be passed around."

Good kerma must be handled with care; bad karma will eventually bit you on the ass.

"And that's why she needs some kitty or bunnie slippers. Send an address, sillyperson; I've lost the packing material from the bunnie balls and don't have it any more."

I *do* need some kitty/bunnie slippers! May I have one of each, please?

BTW, I *am* in the on-line white pages. But, I will send you my addy 'cause I *need* them slippers:-)

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