Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Don't Ply For Me, Argentina

I've been busy spinning more of the clownbarf yarn, and it's almost embarrassing to admit how in love I am with this cheerful, vulgar little bobbin of yarn:

The only reason that I can even admit how I feel about it is that I know that at least 90% of the people reading this will understand completely. Some might even actually like it, as well.

I was tempted to either throw some bits of undyed Cheviot in there to break up the colour, or to ply it up with that bobbin that you saw yesterday on the bottom holder of the lazy kate, but I think I've finally decided what to do with it.

This is being spun on the "odd" bobbin; the one that came with my wheel (which is still working well!) and which does not fit on the lazy kate that has kindly been lent to me until I can get my own (next month). I am therefore going to commit the unthinkable act of using Andean Plying and plying it back on itself.

This will either be the most fun yarn on the face of the planet, or it will cause stalwart women to faint and strong men to weep.

I don't think I'll ever be able to market yarn, which is my final intention, if I keep calling the colours things like "vole vomit" or "clownbarf" and including descriptions such as the above but I tellya, the Truth in Advertising people would never be able to pin a thing on me!

And now, I'm going to break out the warbadgers and go off on a crusade to find some stinkin' hand carders that I know are somewhere in this house.

It would seem that the gremlins you sent to swipe my pattern have taken your carders! If we ever find their nest, I'm certain it will contain troves of lost treasures: the new key ring I lost back in 1983 (Christmas Day--that's how new!) One of my gold Chibi needles, dozens of pairs of scissors.

Personally, I think "vole vomit" as a colrway would sell tons! It's lots more visual than names likeKenya, Escorial, Cat Blue [wtf?],Versace, and the ever popular 5758!
You will end up LOVING IT when you are done. I truely just got done working on some cat vomit. But now that it is yarn, it has lovingly been placed where I can fondle it every day. 'Cause.... DAMN IT!!! I MADE IT AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL JUST BECAUSE I SAY IT IS!!!

I'm thinking of coming to the dark side and getting a wheel.. drop is just too, too, slow. Any tips?
The clown barf yarn is lovely! I find your creative names for the colors hysterically funny, but I agree not really marketable!! lol!
Keep me laughing --I need it!
clown barf and vole vomit are great color names. it's like that make-up line, urban decay. some of their colors are "bruise" and "acid rain" and "mildew".
Yep, clown barf could be very hip. Think how popular you could be with HYUK!
How about calling it Technicolor Yawn? It sounds all New Agey and mysterious...
Perhaps "Precious Moment"? It sort of reminds me of the color scheme of those figurines...though I like your wool, and don't like Precious Moments. But all the talk of barf brought them to mind.
Do your warbadgers operate on instinct or did you have to train them?
Pubes of The Unicorn
I think I'm going to start referring to my cousin David as "The Odd Bobbin."
Well maybe those carders are hiding with that address you couldn't find and that table thingie that is hiding from you. You know the stuff gets tired of laying around lost all day, it has to do something.
I think the crowd of people who read you would love to buy what you've spun. Especially so they can brag how they snagged some Clown Barf fingering, sport and worsted weight combination.
What dead animal could be knitted with that?
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