Friday, July 22, 2005


Dog Loves Me After All!

I've been busy bemoaning the fact that this week is pride week and that I'm working all weekend and would have to miss the Vancouver Dyke March which, I was firmly convinced, was happening this weekend.

It would seem that although I'm relatively proud, I'm not so good at the calendar thingie. It's NEXT weekend. I'm working the graveyard on Saturday but I'm off all day Friday and can make the time to go down and join the good folks in East Van on Saturday at noon.


Let's just hope they don't kick me out for not being a "real" dyke ... I'm going to take my kid in the hopes that her cuteness will overwhelm them into ignoring that little fact.

Yes, there will be photos.

Anyone who goes to a Dyke March gets serious Kinsey points, if you ask me. Go forth and be dykey!
You'll have a great time, and I'm sure they'll be happy to flirt with your Inner Dyke! ;-)

So what's a 'real dyke' when she's at home. All the dykes I know are so different from each other it would be hard to say.

One year I ran into an overseas student of mine at Pride and he was amazed that I'd brought my daughter. But more amazed that I'd come with my (lesbian) neighbours. 'you live in a REAL lesbian community!' he said.

Have fun on the march.
Over here in West Michigan, a Dyke March is pretty much the Tulip Festival parade in Holland. ::W. Michigan is the only place in the world where people wonder aloud what Van Morrison's first name is.::

I realize I'm a bit behind the times, but I hereby commend you on your Rabbitchitty uprighteousness regarding all that other shit.

I will vote for you for Presibitch.

I will make for you a grilled cheese sandwich.

I will not pull your beave-wax-cheese-cloth, but am willing to discuss it over cocktails.
Go and enjoy!!
My daughter wants to go to some of the stuff, so who knows, maybe we will pass each other on the street.
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