Sunday, July 24, 2005


As Promised

Here are a few pictures of our trip to the Aquarium two days ago. It was fantastic, and there were lots of things other than just fish and whales and dolphins (which are really just big fish, as you likely know).

Here we have:

a scarlet bird thingie

If I'm going too fast with the technical jargon, be sure to let me know and I'll just tone it down a little for those who move their lips while reading the pictures.

We also saw one of these.


Creepiest little fuckers I've ever seen. And trust me, I've seen a lot.

And lastly, there was this:

steller sea lion

The Steller was stellar, what else can I say? Although really, if you stare at it from the right angle, it resembles little more than a giant, fresh turd. Believe me when I say that the smell wasn't nearly that bad.

I would post pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Yarn!, but they tend to avoid that sort of stuff; the witness protection plan being so strict and all.

More adventures in dyeing tomorrow.

Oh girl you crack me up..
I especially liked the scarlet bird thingie...
you know I will never see a sea lion again that I don't see a giant turd... thanks...
Just in case you're wondering, the scarlet bird thingie? I believe that's a South American Scarlet Ibis. (Just recently visited the San Diego Wild Animal Park where they had a South American aviary, and a lot of these thingies were in there)
Dear Rabbitch... yes you break me up and I had to go back and read all your archives and laugh and laugh (and cry once or twice too) but today.... arrggg!!!! Dear One: whales and dolpins are NOT big fish, they are mammals - you know: pregnant, live birth, nursing - wierdly just like us humans! Fish are fish: lay eggs, swim away: they don't even GET laid for dog's sake! I know I'm being picky but the biology degree just busts out when I least expect it!! And La is correct: scarlet ibis all the way - dontcha think there could be something pretty wild knit up in THAT colour???
That sloth looks a lot like a picture of my sleeping daughter, but she's a college student. We'll let her go through this phase.
Thanks, La. Yeah, the bird is an Ibis. I just couldn't remember the name when I posted it, and the aquarium site didn't list the species.

Dear BSc -- they swim, therefore they are fish. (And yes, I really do know--I'm being an ass. We had a several-months-long argument on a newsgroup once about "big, stupid fish" and it cracked me up no end. It was an "in" joke, obviously only with myself! *g*)
How did you know my lips were moving?
Do you have something on your blog that records your readers?
If so please let me know and I will be sure and give you something to look at. LOL
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