Sunday, June 05, 2005


You Spin Me Right Round, Baby

Spinning attempt #3, elegantly displayed on a toilet paper roll, in lieu of a spare bobbin.

Think I might be returning the wheel, but keeping the yarn.

Watch this spot for updates, and such; right now I'm heading out to work the graveyard shift ...

Well I'm sure it just takes awhile to get the hang of spinning. I'm just glad I have an easy way out on that one. I can't even begin to afford a wheel. lol Of course it did take me, oh, something like 15 years to finally figure out the whole knitting thing. I would give it a try and get mad and rip the project out. I would hide the needles again and use the yarn for crocheting. I'm glad I finally stuck it out though. Maybe you should give yourself another week or so to play around before giving up.
I'm not giving up! I love what I've produced so far. I think that the wheel is not a lot of good, however, and I'm going to get something else.
I think your spinning is wonderful. And such a lovely cream colour too.

Have you had anyone else try out the wheel? They are not high-tech instruments by any means, but someone who is more familiar with spinning may be able to let you know if its fixable or where it needs tinkering. I have rarely met a wheel that can't be salvaged. You can try mine at the Guild meeting and see what a "well-running/well-oiled" wheel feels like.
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