Tuesday, June 21, 2005



What in the Purple Screaming Fuck?

It would seem that according to Statcounter.com, I'm 151 hits short of having 50,000 visitors to my blog.

That seems like an awful lot. I'm not that funny.

Gratified as all hell, but still ...

The flabber, she is gasted.

Dude, you rule. It is the only answer.
We are your minions and we are loyal. And of course now whenver I feel a scream coming on, I just know it's gonna be WITPSF. It's a great phrase and I hope to use it well.
You are a daily stop while I drink my tea at my horrible job! And assbeagle is now used daily in my home.
Yes, you are so that funny. So there.
You're right, you not *that* funny you are assbeagle smacking, fucktacular giggling, purple screaming banshees funny. And then some.
Don't be an assbeagle. Would 50,000 people lie?
hehe yaay bunnie! :d
I'm responsible for a few of those hits. Does statcounter break it down by user? :c>
because you are an interesting read. I usually check in the morning or afternoon.
Don't let it go to your head.
You will do. Don't let it get you all stuck on yourself though.
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