Monday, June 06, 2005


Well, He's Got My Vote

Getting ready to start washing some of my fleece (outside, in a turkey roaster, so hubby doesn't complain.

And a closer view.

For anyone who can't read it, the instruction is "Support The Bottom of Pan". Quite frankly, he can't be worse than any of the other candidates ...

Pan's bottom can't be any worse then the horse's ass we've got here in the US
At least in the states you only have Mr. Bush for 8 years max. In the "democratic" government (tongue firmly planted in cheek) of Canada..we can have our "leaders" otherwise known as crooks alot longer than that. If they are not a horse's ass when they initially get into office, they certainly become one big absessed boil on the horse's ass by the time we are ready to throw them out. The pendulum usually then swings in the other direction to a more conservative government, otherwise known as the horse's ass.

I wish we had such high quality candidates here in the States.
A horse's ass would be a big improvement...
It took me a minute to get the joke. We slow Americans.
Well I'm some stun, I still don't get the joke.

I was getting all ready to advise her not to wash her wool in that shallow pan, but to buy those amazing deep rubbermaid totes with lids. Sometimes I take myself too seriously.. . . .
Support "The Bottom of Pan". As in the backside of the god Pan is running for office and is lobbying for your support.

You're welcome.

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