Saturday, June 18, 2005


Trés Cool

There's a very nifty thing over here that I'd love to get my ample ass involved in but it's on a Saturday. August 6th, to be precise.

I usually work on Saturdays however I have that one off. No problem then, you say? Ha! I say. (I say that a lot). I'm taking the day off work without pay (yes, this is how slavish and fawning I have become) so that I can go see Her Harlotness in Seattle on the 4th while she explains to us all about the Bookbookbook and whilst we watch her try not to say "arse" in public. Should be a hoot and I do believe I'm going along with my buddy Gaile. I certainly hope so, or else I'm going to be sitting there, muttering "assbeagle" and knitting on a vile green dishcloth all by myself. I don't do crowds well; I can't see that being any kind of fun.

Any other Pacific Northwest Knitting Blogger Types (yes, this is allegedly a knitting blog and I still insist on identifying myself in that category) planning on being in Seattle on the 4th? I'll be bringing Mr. Rabbitch and the Rabbitchette; we'll be staying at the Camlin, I do believe. Come stalk us.

I know this expression well!.. tho i stalk you any other way then in here i do apologise :P
Well you can overlook the crowds cause you will see the Harlot. Someday I hope to. Until then it will just be you've-seen-the-Harlot envy.
Oh I am all about being there with you. You can teach me the correct pronounciation of 'assbeagle'!
gaile from f.b.
Oh, I will be there! Long silver hair and full sleeve koi tattoo!
How many ways are there to say "assbeagle" ????????
You don't need to head south to see the Harlot! She's coming to Vancouver. Check it out!
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