Thursday, June 23, 2005


Still No Batteries

Clearly, I suck. I even have knitting content for you tonight so please imagine if you will:

*picture of the Dulaan scarf*

Here we have for your imaginary pleasure, about 45" of 2x2 rib in sage acrylic that I now loathe with all of my heart. I plan on casting on another scarf with this later today, to start next year's Dulaan box.

And here:

Please imagine a small blue toque. Oh, wait!


That's not the actual hat. That one lives with my friend Michelle, but it's the same pattern and colo(u)r, just smaller.

And, um, stuff. Imagine two pairs of booties here, as well.

I worked a double shift last night and Her Surreal Highness decided I didn't need to sleep in between getting home at 9am and going out to work again at 3pm. I'll try really hard to suck less tomorrow, k?

I am imagining, He said: Imagination is more important than knowledge. Your fans/stalkers have good imaginations I am sure.

I am humbled by your good deeds for others in and outside of your community. You work so hard too...and yet you are still a bad ass gal (well you project that image anyway). Personally, I think this is a nice balance; you are humanly humane so to speak.

Enjoy the sunshine as much as you can!!!

"He" is Einstein btw.
I closed my eyes - I imagined and I saw the beautiful scarf that your made - lovely, simply lovely.
Buy some Battieries just a slight hint hehe ;) the 2300 mAh ones would be good and that charger is good aswell :D
Honey did you ever get my package ?
Tell me more about the Dulaan project. . . . sounds like something an entire guild could take on.
Trixie - yes, I got your package and posted about it and even emailed you to say thank you! See post of Friday, June 10.

I still have the M&Ms. Come eat them with me.
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