Friday, June 17, 2005


Some More of the 100 Things

26. I am terrified of wasps. Bees give me the heebies, but wasps, well, if one comes into the room I go out until someone considerably butcher than I am kills it or does the ol' catch and release thingie. The only person I will ever protect from a wasp is my daughter.
27. I can sing, but I refused to do so for many years. When my parents discovered I could sing, it suddenly became their gift, not mine, and they made me, a very shy child, sing for their friends. It took me years to own my voice again. I have been known to sing in public in the last couple of years.
28. I have a pierced navel.
29. I know exactly, to within half an hour, when my child was conceived.
30. I lost my second child. It was a blighted ovum, which, from what I understand from the medical folks who helped me out, is when the egg is fertilized but doesn't implant, and all you get is a great big placenta, no baby.
31. I really don't like opera, as a general rule.
32. My favourite instrument is the cello.
33. The first solid food I ate, at about the age of four or five months, was a brussels sprout. Brussels sprouts remain, to this day, my favourite vegetable.
34. I cannot stand rum.
35. I am so terrified of dentists that I have been known to cry during cleanings.
36. I am allergic to peppers. Green peppers, red peppers, bell peppers, all of them.
37. On a related note, I'm allergic to all nightshades, which as well as peppers include tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant. Mostly I can't touch them with my hands, but I still eat them. Well, apart from the peppers because I don't like the migraine dealie.
38. I used to be High Anglican.
39. I also was a Buddhist for a short period of time.
40. I have gone scuba diving and stopped one dive short of my PADI certification.
41. I used to dance competitively (Scottish Country Dancing) and have won trophies.
42. I long for a tattoo.
43. I have a juvenile arrest record.
44. I spend between 50 and 100 hours a month on charity work.
45. Although I have accrued almost two years worth of post-secondary education, and have worked in the post-secondary education system for 12 years in total (two different institutions) I have little respect for those who choose education over experience.
46. I have danced with my husband exactly once, on our wedding day.
47. Music can make me cry.
48. I seldom watch television.
49. I don't answer my phone, as a rule.
50. I think my breasts are too large and welcome the impending surgery to remove my breast mouse, as I am hoping I can talk them into reducing the other one at the same time.

I'm taking a good friend next Wednesday for a reduction/reconstructive after her "mice" were removed. She's so dammned excited.

And the tattoos? Well, I have three (in strategic places) and want another. My mom is going to kill me! Hee hee.
Interesting "Things". We have a number of things in common but I'll only comment on one. The cello is my favorite instrument too. I took a few lessons on a rented cello a couple of decades ago but dropped it when the teacher's personal problems got in the way of her ability to teach.
Totally not related to this post: thanks for the comment on my blog, and no offense taken whatsoever. :)

- Devon
you better answer the phone when I come into town. I love brussel sprouts too and I have a tatoo but my mom doesn't know about it. Got it when I turned 40.
I'm so glad you told what a nightshade was because, I'm 42 years old and have never known what that damned word meant.
I don't answer the phone, either. Good news seldom comes by telephone.
Brussel sprouts? You are so strange.
I heartly recommend the tattoo, but not at the top of your spine. You'll feel it in your fingertips, your eyebrows and all the way to the base of your spine.
i have a tattoo, and i like brussel sprouts. my kids think i'm weird for it. i would like to get my belly button pierced, but right now dont' have the time, and i want to lose weight first. maybe after the wedding. sorry about your second child, that had to be rough. wanna borrow mine? (i'll give ya all 4!)
oh, and what is a breast mouse?
Well I am afraid of the dentist too. My last 3 experiences there were horrible, and I just can't go anymore. I may be toothless someday, but I get physically ill just thinking about going.
I have tattoos, 10 to be exact. Once you get the first, it starts an addiction you don't want to stop!
What's with the pics? Can I get a pic?

You blog like a fucking rabbit, girl. And I mean that in the nicest way.

I love brussel sprouts. Lurve them. With buttah. Did you ever notice that they look like tiny alien brains?

My son, when a toddler, called them "summer salts."
I love reading the 100 things - we are at 50 now, right??

I don't think I could come up with 100 things, let alone 50 about me - except I do have a tattoo.
I love running lists. *sigh* To Do Lists. Grocery Lists. Christmas Lists. *sigh* I am feeling all tingly now ! *blush*
Thanks for sharing - nice getting to know you better. We have lots in common but I will leave you to guess the ways.

One thing for sure - we both have a violent aversion to puke green.

I am not sure if I send you an adequately grateful, gushy note about your package with the dishcloth and roving. Thanks so much. It really made my day.

xoxox Lynne
(from the RBS)
"32. My favourite instrument is the cello."

Me too!

I have also recently embraced the brussels sprout - but only fresh, not frozen. Mmm, with garlic.

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