Sunday, June 12, 2005


So Much Time, So Little Skill ...

OK, so I'm finally going to move past baby sweaters, bunnies, slippers (but never dishcloths!) and the like and tackle a garment all for me me me.

Yesterday I bought a copy of Creative Knitting, and although I was startled that there were so many obscenities to commit with yarn, there were, however, two items that I liked. A Lot.

This was one of them.

I'm sort of thinking that the cunning dutch cotton I got from Ann last year would work for this. But, of course, being a total newbie to shaping of armholes and picking up of neckbands and all, I have decided to change the pattern completely, because this would be Totally Logical.

I'd like to make a tank. Maybe even the Shapely Tank from hell, but without the short row shaping and with the leafybits at the bottom. Ya think? Whether or not it works, rest assured I shall preserve the entire agonizing process in minute detail.

Just a short post tonight. Tomorrow starts my first "real" day off. The first day of realizing that I only work part-time and that I love my job.

Tomorrow is also a "girl's day", but you can bet your bippy that there will be spinnage. Much spinning and maybe even some dyeing.

And I would like to solemnly swear that no matter what the results of my spinning turn out to be, they will never be made into anything like this:

as I am clearly cognizant of the fact that my child will be the one to decide whether I get to spend my declining years living with family, or languishing in a refrigerator box under a bridge.

Of course you can! Shapely tank, leafy bits. Start with agauge swatch, oh, about the size of a dishcloth.

REmember that I still have a ball of the lovely purple stuff if you run short. Maybe I'll mail it along just because. . .
What about soliel from the current knitty?
What a great idea. A tank with the leafy edging would look fantastic.

Of course, if the leafy edging is no problem for you then you would also have no problem picking up stitches for a neckline or doing the shaping for an armhole. Just jump right in and do it. Knitters are a friendly bunch and if you run into problems someone will surely step forward to help you out.
Yes, always check first with the child before knitting her anything - I am sure I would not be here now if I ever made that sweater for Nancie.

As for making something for you - congrats - I haven't gotten that far yet for me.
my box came today. thank you very much. i was unaware that i'd won a contest about your wheel. or were you just playing pass the stash? thank you for the card, too, that is a cute kitty (jimi's jealous now). enjoy the spinnage and dyeage.
Clearly I am an assbucket. I thought you were one of the ones who suggested a name for the wheel so sent your "prize" without double checking! Oh well, I hope you can make something good with it.
*ponders on this word 'assbucket'*... must be a wired Canadian thing, i don't know about yet..*ponders* if there are anymore things i am yet to find out .he-he he-he ;)
i'm thinking assbuckets are closely related to assbeagles, just being more bucket-shaped. and don't worry, darling, i did suggest a name, i just didn't realize there was a prize for suggesting one. i'll find a use for it, don't worry, lol!
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