Wednesday, June 15, 2005


My Husband Hearts Me

And why do I know this? It's because after I showed him the dreadful thingies over at this place he sent me an email with a link to this, which I think is even funnier and more vile, if in fact that is possible.

Most guys who are trying to sex you up will send you flowers and candy. He sends me porn, links to sites like that and horrorscopes from the onion. I think the boy knows the audience to which he is playing.

Envy me.

He must, then, be as funny as you are - which makes me think the combination of the two of you must be an absolute scream.

Does he do a good impression of Smoove B?

And thank you for the link - I never thought anybody would even read me blog. Knowing it made somebody laugh is a shot in the arm.
aww hehe ,, good man!! good Canadian hehe ;))
The Superficial is hilarious. Thanks for the tip.
I think Hubster must be somehow related. He sent me to this site:

I love a good man.
The bad ones are easier to love, Liz. Trust me on this one. *g*
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