Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The Luckiest Girl In The World

Ok, so I'm not exactly a "girl". Shut up.

Today was wonderful. It started out by us waking up late, late, late, cooking like a pound of bacon or something and having a huge breakfast with white nugget potatoes and toast and bacon and eggs and coffee and such. (Yes, we're all going to die soon, but at least we will die with pork on our breath. I could be a vegetarian but for the swineflesh. Like I said in a late-night drunken conversation with my buddy over at Fidgety Budgie, bacon is like having a mouthful of Jesus for breakfast.)

We then (eventually) got dressed, got our large lazy buttocks (is the plural buttoxen?) up to Karen Magnusson Swimmin' Holler or whatever it's called, and boinged about in the wave pool for a few hours.

I then came home to find an email from She Who Has A Spinful Nature, offering to let me be the guinea pig for her new spinning class. Like duh, I'm going to say no? I've never actually SEEN anyone spin and have just been making this all up as I go along. The opportunity to even watch someone for half an hour is something I treasure and the thought of having real live CLASSES from someone who isn't faking it, fills me with delight. Expect my spinning to hit new heights of hotness shortly.

There were, however, some drawbacks to the day, the largest of which was discovering my British (*spit* ... I'm Scottish, not British! And yes most of the English people I've spoken to feel the same about the B-Word; we're separate countries, FFS!) passport.

This passport expired in 1998. I got it in 1988 because I think they were going to the EU passport thingie and I wanted something from this particular era. That, and it makes it easier to get through customs on that end of the trip, and being a British (*spit*) Subject, I'm entitled to one anyhow.

I was, at first, happy to rediscover this, however my delight diminished markedly upon opening it and discovering The Permanent Official Government Record of My Really Bad Choice of Poodle Perms.

Really. Dude. I hope my daughter never finds this; I'm thinking I should encase it in cement and toss it in the river some time soon.

Let the mocking commence.

Just know that it could have been much worse. You look good in that picture, even with the poodle-head.
I am so going to scan mine - I think I was actually high when it was taken (high school) and it's soooooo much worse. Bacon. mmmm. i miss bacon sooooo much! have an extra handful just for me!!
There's a few pictures of me with a poodle perm floating around. To make it worse, I lived in New Jersey at the time, so I also have big hair bangs... you know, the kind that stick straight up in the air. I have no hopes of destroying all evidence cause it was my yearbook picture. *sigh*
i never had high hair, or a poodle perm (and you can't make me produce the evidence either!) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

and bacon rocks! smoked pork, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i could never be a vegetarian.
I have one of those kind of pictures too. My headfull of curls was much rounder though. My kids call it the "Bozo the Clown" look.
Poodle perms are not just for girls. Yep, that's right, WAWA had a poodle perm. Swear to Dog it was the same length and color as your photo. HE was QUITE the rocker back in the day. You may all now be jealous that I was the one to catch this hottie !
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