Wednesday, June 01, 2005



So I had one of the best days ever.

This morning we woke, oh, tennish. Maybe ten thirty-ish. Like I said, my kid's a good sleeper. I rolled over, snuggled the kid for a while, got out of bed, made tea and lunch for hubby while he got ready for work (yes! he's working!) and then made coffee for me, pancakes for Herself, hung with the neighbour and chatted, made more coffee for me, had a shower, meandered into work (using public transit and knitting all the way), arrived on time and worked until they stopped paying me and came home, relaxed and with almost all of another dishcloth completed. (Neighbour likes the green and wants one -- it's a sickness).

In the Time Before The Liberation, I used to wake up, unrested, to the sound of a blatting alarm, run around screaming for a bit, get my kid out of bed, get her to run around screaming and asking if they were going to "put the fire on my bum" because I was late (I guess she heard me saying once that they were going to fire my ass and she decided they were actually going to ignite my backside), run out the door half-washed and half-fed, get the kid to daycare late, get to work late, and endure the looks or even worse, be invited to the meetings to spend twenty-five minutes discussing the fact that even though I worked two hours of unpaid overtime the night before, that I was eight minutes late.

Oh, alert the fucking media, already. I was (note the joyous use of past tense here) senior staff, not responsible for opening the office or for answering the phone. The receptionist, who was always on time, was responsible for that. She was also able to leave on time. Every time.

But I'm not bitter.

Anyhow, the assbadgers are now having to deal with the fact that the NEW receptionist is the only staffperson they have as HR didn't get their asses in gear to fill my position during the five weeks of my three-week notice. The receptionist who like the last one is, indeed, always on time but who, unlike the last one, a) has a reputation for taking about 50% of her time as sick time and b) falls asleep at her desk. And she forgets to answer the phone.

Good heart, not so good in the office. I'm just sayin'.

Oh yes, and she's the senior candidate to fill my position.

I'm certainly glad I managed to find the Good Karma Man on my break this evening and slip him a buck or two.

I'm not going to be telling the folks in my old department where to find him, either.


Yay for bunnies !! loves ya :)
So happy for you. You and Her Surreal Highness deserve a break, y'know?
So working there wasn't all for nothing. You got the carder out of it right? You can spin and spin and it will be all the sweeter knowing you are never there again.
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