Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Hide and Go Eek

I'm so pissed I could scream. I have been ripping this junkpile of a home apart for several hours now and cannot find the needles I need to cast on Soleil.

My fury is approaching that of The Harlot when her yarn churlishly concealed itself from her questing eyes the other day. Clearly, my knitting needles read her blog and have been Getting Ideas.

I want this top. In fact, I NEED this top, as I have a weeding to go to in August and my boobs seem to have spent the entire hibernating season gorging themselves quietly on bearfat or something, 'cause they're way bigger than they were before.

Great, what sort of Google hits am I going to get for THAT little sentence?

Anyhow, if you see my 4mm circ needles running about anywhere, please chastize them severely and send them on home.

In the meantime I'm just gonna sit here without a shirt and sulk.

What are you doing up and posting to your blog at 1:30 am anyway? Normal people are sleeping then. Not that I'm normal. Or ever sleep well...

Those needles, by the way, are under the little corner table in the living room. You can thank me later.
Buck up! Your boobs will be fine.
Okay, I Googled "gorging boobs" and you don't show up yet, but once this entry gets indexed you'll be in mighty interesting company.
You could always just set fire to it. Oh, wait, that's my answer for everything.
My 4.5 mm crochet hook has been missing for a week. The house is still recovering from the search and I had to learn an entirely new cast-on to start a certain project. I'm going to give in and buy another. The first hook will show up out of perversity and then I'll return the new one for yarn. Gotcha.

I've got a pick na boo boo.

Whoops. I'm the grown up.

The gas burners on my stove have been trying to ignite themselves all evening. The only thing that stops the incessant sparking and clicking of the starter thangy, is if one of the burners is aflame. And my garbage disposal won't turn off unless I unplug it. And you lost your needles. And my boobs won't stop growing either. In fact, they are trying to take over the keyboard, as I type this.

Maybe Gwyn is on to something.

Regardless, this is some fucked up, repugnant shit.
You can use my 4mm circs if you can wait until Tuesday when you come out here.

And the boobs, it's kind of a cosmic joke. Mine have grown too, when the estrogen starts to decrease, my boob hormone kicked in. Didn't happen when I was 14 and wanted boobs, happens now when I don't care.
Your boobs looked fine yesterday (smashing outfit, btw). Something change since then? Other than the needles going on the lam.
Are they ensconced in another project? That's where my #2 dpn's usually are.
Weeding or wedding? Is this some communal Canadian gardening thing?
Wow. Yesterday there was the modeling and the peeking out of the shirt. Now there is no shirt. Do you enjoy teasing the readers or do you just give them a little more each day to keep them coming back?
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