Thursday, June 23, 2005


Guilding the Lily

Whoa, has it been that long? Sorry folks, busy stuff happening, not the least of which is juggling work with hubby.

No, we haevn't gone into the juggling business, sillies; he's getting a lot of shifts and I'm getting a lot of calls also for extra work. I'm stealthblogging from my "second" job tonight, having been called in for an emergency graveyard shift. I'm proud to say that this is the first one I've accepted since leaving the college. No more of this double-triple-shift-shit for me. Well, apart from today. Shut up.

I suppose the blogging isn't really stealthy. We have full internet access here and all they ask is that in between answering calls and helping save people's lives, that we don't download stuff and crash everything while we're sitting here bored on the graveyard.

Fairy nuff, if you ask me.

So in between gathering large amounts of new toys, not buying batteries for my camera, gallivanting about to social events with Her Surreal Highness and working, I managed to take Lily the Wheel out to a guild meeting on Tuesday night as a guest of Herself .

What a hoot! There were only three or maybe four ladies knitting and one who was making a SOCK -- which is beyond me at this point -- was very complimentary about the Endless Green Dulaan Scarf upon which I unashamedly toiled while the meeting was going on. There were also only two wheels there (including Lily), which disappointed me a little, but it was nice to play with the other one a bit and see what a well-running wheel should feel like. I also found out that Ashford bobbins fit on this wheel, so I won't have to get some handmade, which is a relief. (Now to find $54 for four bobbins without telling Ben I'm buying something new ...)

After the meeting, I then chatted to some very helpful ladies who told me that a) I'm supposed to oil ALL of the moving parts of the wheel which is possibly why it is sticking, dammet (forgot one small but vital area), and b) she is a very nice wheel.

I'm going to put spinning aside for a couple of weeks until I get a lesson, but I now at least have a bit more of a clue as to what I'm trying to do here. I even had some stuff right! Even though this guild is about 35 miles away from where I live, I am going to join as a regular member. There are a ton of interesting people there, with various splendid skills (and they have their meetings on Tuesdays, which is the one night I can pretty much guarantee always being free. I just wish I felt like I had something to bring apart from somewhat-manic energy and boundless enthusiasm. That'll have to do for now, until I stop being such a newbie.

Having made a promise that I shall not make lace or a shawl or anything of that nature ever in my life, I am about to cast on Soleil from Knitty and a shawl/stole/throw dealie from some magazine I just bought and which is at home so I can't put a link in here. I am also almost finished Sophie (yeah, sure, you've heard that before, haven't you?). I promise to buy batteries tomorrow and post some actual pictures of knitting content, mmkay?

No, really.

A side effect of attending guild meetings is the inspiration you get just from rubbing shoulders with the other members. It can really charge your creative batteries.
Could you please post a link to the local chapter of the guild? I'm interested in going to meetings too.

Here's a link to the guild mentioned:

You don't need to bring much more than enthusiam and a love of fibre to these meetings. All the rest will follow. Can't wait to start on those lessons.
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