Friday, June 10, 2005



What goes around, comes around.

I finally got my giant lazy ass to the post office and sent long-overdue prizes out to Freddyknits, Dragon Mad Knitter and to our friend Janis over at Yarn!

More packages to be sent tomorrow. I apologize; I've been in a bit of a spin (no pun intended) of late, but at least I'm not as bad as Laurie. Go on. Go look at her shame!

After I dragged my thoroughly-ashamed self back on home, I discovered that the mail carrier had been by and had for once managed to figure out where I live. My camera is dead (not damaged, just out of batteries. Yes, I used them all in the vibrator. Shut up.) so I can't take any pictures of the package that was waiting for me when I got home.

Our beloved Trixie took it into her lovely non-knitterly head to send me a big bag of peanut M&Ms -- bunny mix! Who knew there was a bunny mix?! She also included a couple of "smiley power" pencils and some barrettes, both of which my daughter immediately appropriated (she's not getting the M&Ms, dammet) an incredibly sweet little sheep with a pull-put measuring tape tail made by Lantern Moon, and an autographed copy of KnitLit (too).


Thank you, Trixie! I love ya, man!

I would also like to thank Maryse for making me almost rupture myself when reading her response to my "Homewrecker" post. I can't think I've ever heard a better quote than:

'well you know that in Quebec giving the gift of ice cream is Quebecois for "thanks for the fuck"'

You owe me a new keyboard, bitch.

And speaking of such giftage, I got the box of stash, Rabbitch. Thank you, thank you! I'm really looking forward to taking it to my favorite local shop, Nease's Needlework
so they can help me figure out how to use it up.

The blue fuzzy is especially pretty. Trixie mooned over it a lot, so I see a Trixie-destined project in it's future...

Glad to know I had a small hand in getting you (plural) more personally involved with your various postal services. Just trying to improve civil servant appreciation! :D

thanks, darling. i loved the part about trashing your keyboard. i had to go back and read all the comments. amazing how simple people are, of course you can do THAT with an ice cream bar! DUH! best time i ever had on a 95F day! (sugar free fudgesicle, btw)

i know, i know, tmi, tmi. too bad, lol.
*hint* get rechargeable batteries and then you never be outta pleasure!! ;))

and how did the 'changeing my name person' chage her name! *wonders *'interesting '...
ha! glad it made you laugh. i'll send you my keyboard but you'll have to clean out the cat hair and the cheetos dust yourself.
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