Monday, June 20, 2005


Freaky Glasses and Ass-Flavoured Popcorn

Today was, as are so many "non-working" days of late, a girl's day.

I worked the graveyard (got home about 6:30am), slept a few hours, got up and did the lunch thang with my kid while hubby went to work, and then I did a victory lap around the campus where I used to work.

Well, not around the whole campus, just wandered the administration building while garnering admiration from the many who still are incarcerated there. Seems that the matching set of Samsonites have disappeared from under my eyes, and that this is generally accepted to be an improvement.

Amazing how much better you feel when you stop taking it up the ass from people for whom you have neither love nor respect (and from whom you also garner neither). Who knew?

Not that I'm bitter.

Anyhow, about four peeyem one of the employees with whom I used to workand I toddled off for coffee and far too much sugar. She's the co-worker metioned in an earlier post for whom I knit in acrylic, as she vomits on herself. I gave her the URL of this blog today.

You're welcome, honey.


(Oh christ, and now I have to read all of my archives to make sure I haven't dissed you at any point. Nah, fuckit, we can both take it.)

Anyhow, after dropping her off at home, I had to take my daughter to see The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl. The movie? Not so bad. The 3-D glasses? Annoying until my daughter, who doesn't always hear exactly what's being said, renamed them "Freaky Glasses". Then, although they were no more comfortable they became considerably more funky.

The little kid who plays Shark Boy? Desperately funky. He's gonna be a cutie in another ten years.

Speaking of funky, and not the kind that smells good, I discovered that it's always wise to check if your child has washed her hands before letting her share your large bag of popcorn.

I'm just sayin'.

I dunno about that Shark Boy - I've seen him in interviews, and it's like he's still in his sharkskin makeup. I mean, he's got this bizarro fake-o Hollywood-style TAN, and he's all of, what, 11? Creepy.

I'm looking forward to taking the little guy to the movies, sometime when his attention span extends to more than 17 minutes at a time. And I'll definitely be washing his hands first.
I know what you mean. I have 4, and unless I know where there hands have been (do you ever?), I try not to eat from the same thing they do. I will let them eat mine, drink my drink, but I'd just rather let them have the whole thing to their selves. Just in case they had their hands in the goo.
Baby Salsa went with Daddy Salsa to see the movie. She raved about it. We adults then proceeded to waxed poetic about what would happen if Shark Boy and Lava Girl grew up and got married....Tropical Fish off-spring ? Who knows !
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