Saturday, June 25, 2005



As promised, batteries. 40 of 'em.

At least 8 are earmarked for use in the camera.

And, the actual hat that's going off to MongoLEEah:

The endless boring 2x2 rib scarf:

And two pairs of booties, still to be seamed:

Finally, the start of next year's Dulaan box:

Man, I hate that yarn.

Going to bed early. Missy Moo decided I didn't need to sleep last night. My ancient body has been begging to disagree for some time now, and you know I hate to see a grown body beg.

Especially if it's mine.

Congrats on the batteries. So that leaves 32. How many sex toys do you own that you need 32 batteries? And if that's what they are for, how do you find time to knit?
I own one. I don't suppose it really needs 32 batteries, I just hate for it to run out.
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