Thursday, June 30, 2005


Another Mission Accomplished

Sort of.

Found my evil knitting bag:

It was lurking in the back of my daughter's closet, likely plotting my demise or something.

In its cavernous, murky depths I found:

A pile of yellow baby weight yarn, abandoned by my mother part way through some sort of ribby baby project:

Apparently it sapped her will to live so thoroughly that she was unable to even finish frogging it. I sense that this will languish in my stash for the next three years until I give it away. Or make a shawl with it. I could do that.

Also in the bag was:

Another ball of yarn. I have no idea what I was intending to do with this. It will end up being another hat, methinks.

And then ...

Oh thank dog. More yarn. Whatever would I have done without this small ball of red sportweight acrylic? (I think it's sportweight. Who knows? Three-ply squeaky goodness, anyhow).

Yes, more yarn and a single knitting needle; the partner of which I do not believe I have ever met.

And then, la piece de resistance (I'm too lazy to put the accents in. deal.):

The needles I was searching for, hanging out with some yarn that's destined to become a bunnie for my aunt and making friends with some small, dull, inefficient scissors.

All of that work and I find out that they're 4.5mm, not 4s.

Think I can fake it?

Fake it until you make it, I always say.
I say you can fake it. I would be floating if I found a big bag full of yarn. I get excited if I find any at the goodwill store. I am not prejudiced against any type of yarn. As long as I can have some, I am happy. As most of the stash I have was given to me. Including all of my knitting needles (except for 4 pair I bought), which was a little before I taught myself to knit.
I wouldn't. Isn't Soleil dependent on negative ease? You don't want it to be loose. Your boobage might hang out. Do they have to be circs? 4 mm straight needles are usually easy to find (for 30 cents) at the V.V. That's where I get my stuff.

Before diving headlong into a project you will hate, be sure to check your GAUGE. You absolutely must be able to get gauge with those needles or you will be doing all that work for nothing. The finished top won't fit. In my case, I am a loose knitter so I would be better off with smaller needles, rather than bigger.

The red acrylic is sportsweight. I use that brand to make hats.

Depending on your intended pattern, a shawl of the yellow baby yarn could be fantastic or a disaster. If it is acrylic be warned that it will not block and most lace requires a good blocking.
Are you running some sort of shelter for unwanted yarn?

If so, I've got some yarnpups I'd like to abandon........
Sorry Jen, if it's cotton you'll have to keep it yourself! Especially if it's green cotton.
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