Monday, June 13, 2005


And To My Daughter, I Bequeath ...

My mother is very organized. Some may even say she's a control freak. And yes, I would be one of those people.

She has decided that she is going to die (well duh, me too) and, being a control freak, she has decided exactly how and when this is going to occur. Seems that she's going to last another ten years. She'll be seventy-one this summer, this isn't a completely unreasonable expectation but still. Dude.

Part of this process seems to be that I have to leave with part of her estate after every visit there. OK, it can't be every visit but it sure feels like it.

Today I got the buttons. This all came about when I mentioned that there is a new store here in Vancouver named Button, Button.

I think y'all know just how long it's going to be before I go down there with a sack of money and clean them out, don't you? Actually I have bills to pay off first, but I'm thinking October is going to be a very buttony month.

Anyhow, I got to reminiscing about the big tin of buttons I'm sure my grandmother had. Dad recalled the half-a-suitcase full of buttons he had brought home from a button company that went out of business and for which he used to do the books. (The agents would take full boxes of buttons, but there were hundreds of open boxes, which he got to bring home). I used to play with them for hours. Apparently I was a strange and solitary child -- should I not have grown up to be an axe murderer?

Anyhow, no batteries yet for the camera (and no, I'm not taking them out of some other appliance for your selfish enjoyment!) so you don't get to see the sack of buttons I brought home today. It's not that scary, maybe a sandwich bag about 3/4 full. I'll use them, they're welcome, but you know if I get too much more crap in this house my husband's going to have to move out (and now that he's working I'd sort of like to keep him ...)

I brought their spare bed home last week, and I think I'm getting the chest of drawers in a couple of weeks.

I am not bringing home their piano.

It's a small world. I also played with the buttons from the family button jar. I too am being sent home from Mom's with items she is "passing on" before she dies. So far I have received a waffle maker and a barrel full of chipped "good" dishes. She's 71 as well.
Button button is fabulous, and I'd bring home her piano ;)
I live in a very (very) small apartment, currently occupied by three people, a cat, a spinning wheel, a knitting machine, a drum carder and likely 200 lbs. of fibre in various forms, from raw fleece to UFOs. I'm adding a loom on Thursday. Oh yes, and I already have a huge piano.

If she kicks it before I move to a bigger house, you can have her piano *g*
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My mother is 71 also but a very different breed than yours. We get nothing from her, in fact, if you borrow something she writes it out and makes you sign & date the note.

And it must be our generation, because I remember playing with buttons.
I have always loved to look at the old buttons people have kept, usually in old mason jars. I don't have any of my own as they are expensive to buy in bulk. Maybe someday I will inherit someones.
There must be something about mother's and buttons. When my mother discovered I was knitting and that said knitted items might need buttons she dug out 2 small tins worth that she had collected over the years and brought them right over. It is amazing how many buttons will fit in a small tin.
I too played with buttons. Mom was a big sewer - had a button stash. So it makes sense. No one sews much anymore......wonder if the next generation will have buttons to play with ???
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