Tuesday, June 14, 2005


100 Things About Me

Well, seeing half of the blog world has done this, I think I shall do so as well, seeing my pal Juno claims that she's quite sure there are many interesting things about me.

This is gonna take a long time. Be patient, mmkay?

1. I am shy. The person you meet on my blog is who I am inside my head. If you meet me in "real life" I will quite possibly blush and stammer.
2. My favourite colour is yellow.
3. My favourite flowers are anything my daughter gives me in a bouquet, usually dandelions; however, I have a great fondness for roses, daffodils and irises.
4. I loathe lilies, not because they remind me of death, but because they stink so bad.
5. I speak a fair amount of French but I greatly dislike doing so.
6. I love bagpipes.
7. I hate being a secretary and hope to never have to whore my skills in an office again. Not that this isn't a good choice for others, but for me it's hateful and kills me a little bit each day.
8. I very much dislike Fair Isle knitting.
9. I have always been a cat person, but would very much like a dog.
10. I had to type "dog" four times before it came out as dog instead of god.
11. I am very loyal.
12. I am bisexual but don't usually talk about it because when you announce it all of your girlfriends think you're going to try to jump them when they didn't think you were going to jump their husbands/boyfriends when they thought you were straight. Is this because they think that they're sexier than their men? Rilly, most of them aren't. If I want you I'll let you know; otherwise, relax. I'm not dating right now.
13. I type 90 words a minute with a 1% error rate.
14. I can't stand having my feet touched and almost killed someone with a cut crystal ashtray for tickling them one night. I stopped myself just before I hit him. He was so fucking annoying that I assume someone has killed him for something else since then, it was 12 years ago or so and I haven't heard from him for about 8 years now.
15. I don't sleep much.
16. My blood type is O negative.
17. I left my first husband for a man I met on the internet. A man who I had no idea what he looked like. I drove 300km (180 miles) in a blizzard (they closed the highway shortly after I drove through). At the time I had been driving less than a year and was totally freaked out. We've been together nine years now.
18. My best friend died of AIDS in 1995. I haven't found anyone to replace him yet. I still have his ashes and miss him horribly.
19. I learned to drive when I was 33.
20. I bought a condo and got caught in the "leaky condo" scandal and ended up paying $41k in repairs.
21. I am deeply in debt because of this.
22. I have no idea what colour my eyes are, so I usually just write down "grey". They change constantly.
23. The man I admire most in the world is my brother.
24. I have an inordinate love of pygmy goats.
25. I consider myself to be deeply religious, but I despise most of what I know of organized religion, and am certainly not a Christian.

So, is it knitted fairisle items you dislike or do you dislike knitting fairisle?
As per your No. 12...I love your honesty. I no more would anticipate you trying to pick me up (good luck by the way as I weigh more than you) than you would anticipate me converting you to Christianity because I am a Christian you know? I don't like organized religion either. Religion is not a business it's a state of mind.

Cheers mate,
#7 -- anything that kills a little of bit of you at a time, must be avoided. Good for you for recognizing that and leaving the job.
#8 -- you may find peace with fairisle knitting if you throw one colour with the right hand and the other colour with your left hand. The yarn doesn't get all twisted and you can get into a knitting rhythm.
#9 - I have an eight week old female puppy looking for a good home. I wanted a friend for our two year old dog and then DH arrived home with TWO puppies. NOT, one will do.
#17 - what was it that caused you, sight unseen to to risk your life and leave hubby #1? Please reply, I love your stories.
#18 -- so deeply sorry for your loss, that must still hurt.

You are so genuine, I love that quality.
Love ya bunnie *hugs* :D Thats' me the First one.
I'm not gonna post the rest tho :P
I hate lilies.
I like bagpipes too. It's not an acquired taste, it's an aberation. Or possibly genetic. Have you tried the hurdy-gurdy? It's like a string bagpipe.
Well I find that we have some things in common. I feel special to have anything in common with a person I admire from afar. And one for whom I make a place in my day just to see what you have written.
Isn't everyone bisexual to some degree? No? my bad. . .

You are absofuckinglutely right on with #7. Been there, done that, HATED IT.

#9 - Dogs are nice, but cats are necessary.

I'm right with you on number 25, too. Today my mother was wailing and gnashing her teeth over it, but, that's her problem.
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