Tuesday, May 10, 2005


You Can Stop Any Time



Guess what rabbit has almost talked her husband into figuring out how the knitting machine works?

I have a knitting machine (insert gasps of horror from purists here). It is a White 1602 and I love it. It, in return, seems to feel fairly neutral toward me.

Part of the plan for the mysterious impending business venture is to turn some of this obscene stash (previously displayed but I'm too lazy to take a different photo tonight):

into cash. Machine-knitted baby blankets. Maybe easy sweaters.

He can do the machine knitting, I can do the finishing. Because there is nothing more exciting than finishing machine-knitted stuff.

Motherfucker won't get a job (don't ask) maybe I can turn him into my stitchin' bitch.

Cheaper than divorce.

See men have a purpose after all. hehe there not just here to pleasure us ( and drive us insane ), but to be our bitches aswell ,, *revaltion* !
My name is Sandy (Hi Sandy) and I own a machine too (actually 2). We're okay.

Hey, sounds like a plan to me. Maybe I could get my boys to do that this summer whilst they're laying around eating grapes and watching summer reruns.
I loved working with my hubbie !

Now sure we can't work together on home improvement projects without contemplating murder BUT when it comes to a paycheck - - it's all sweetness and light.

Must have something to do with their hardwiring.
hi, I've been lurking for a while. But what a lovely idea! Now... to get a knitting machine....
I say that you get him knitting on the machine and while he is at it doing laundry.
I say that this is a DARN FINE idea!

What a great idea!! I have been thinking about getting a knitting machine for baby blankets. Much faster way to get repetitive but appreciated knitting done. Now if I could just justify the cost of a machine. Getting hubby to do the knitting wouldn't work though, I can barely get him to keep Baby's website updated. :)
Whatever works, Hon, WHATEVER works!
Hi Rabbitch!! I just read your blog which is now 2 years old. Do you still have your White 1602? and do you still love it as much? (I'm interested, coz I'm thinking of buying one. Thanks - Terri (an ex Brit now living in California.)
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