Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Two Hours ...

Two hours after the polls for the provincial election closed, and here I sit, a) waiting for the results to start coming in and b) waiting for my husband to come home from working at one of the polling stations since 7am today.

Not a lot of sympathy; how many double shifts have I worked? But still. Dude.

I always pretend that I'm not all that interested in the election results, and I always glue myself faithfully to the TV or internet until the wee hours after the polls close ...

Just call me a junkie, or something.

Tonight I'll use the time wisely, to cast on for some of the 900 babies that seem to be due amongst the ladies I know.

Yes, in ACKrylic. It's what I always use when knitting for people who vomit on themselves a lot. I think I have a shitpile of Paton's Astra somewhere ...

Our primary was yesterday, and though I voted (voter turnout: 25%, McManus turnout 66%) I was not overly concerned with the results. Nearly every office open was cross-filed with the results a foregone conclusion.

I am quite pleased with the election results. Hopefully we are back to balance and opposition! This should deter Mr. Campbell from looking and acting so smug too. He doesn't look well to me - grey looking...and his wife has that pinched look about her. Ohman I just don't like them. I am a liberal at heart but NOT that kind of liberal nor am I a federal liberal anymore; it is disheartening because they all appear to be crooks. I voted green not that it made a bit of difference, but I was making a political idealistic statement...not that realistic I know but I was hoping that they would get one seat at least but it was not to be.

Then there's federal politics. Part of me respects what Belinda Stronych (sp?) had to say yesterday with regard to her concern that the conservatives were ganging up with the Bloc and that the country should come first...but then part of me is suspicious that this might be more about her greed and ambition. Paul Martin just looks smarmy to me after this...no wonder he wanted to delay the vote you know?

Anyways, I too am a junkie and I am reasonably pleased with the provincial results. My boss will think we have all gone back to communism (he's a critical American). Ha! I shall enjoy the next few daze.

Cheers my lovely knit wit,
your friend Suzanne
I remember knitting for a friend`s second baby and asking if she had a colour preference. She thought for a minute and then said - "The only convenient colout for babies is a nice yellowish brown..."
Just wanted to let you know I added your link to my blog.
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