Monday, May 16, 2005


To The Woods, With a Bag of Bread

I'm glad that a lot of people felt free to comment about my post the other day. I certainly didn't mean for this to ever become a "bash someone else's blog" kind of forum, and I would like to note that although I disagree with many of the mentioned blogger's statements and opinions, I still think he's a talented knitter and would never wish to take that away from him. I hope he continues sharing, educating and contributing to the field. Just perhaps without being quite so much of an arrogant twat.

That being said, I think that in this art there is room for everyone, and I'm glad that a few folks may be encouraged, after that post, to knit as they please and explore their own art on their own time, in their own way and in their own choice of fibers.

I have an amazingly huge stash (although I'm likely outweighed by many). In that stash is cotton, alpaca silk, caron perfect match, bernat best buy, kid mohair waiting to be spun, Rowan magpie, some unspeakable fun fur that wishes me dead, "top of the lamb", Patons Decor (or Canadiana, both nice synthetics), some funky dutch cotton with chenille bits in it, some obscene wormy green and black chenille and on and on and on.

It's all good, dudes. Embrace it and make something with it, and try not to dis any other knitter or crocheter on the way. And well, if you do, I'll likely blog about it. I'm a bit of a tit like that.

And now to the important part of this public service announcement:

Trees are heavy. They are heavy because they are made of wood.

I'm hoping I remember that next time I offer to take someone's tree away for them.

I now have about a quarter of a Douglas Fir out front of the house, in chunks, a lot of treespit or tar or whatever it is called all over myself, my clothes and my van, several interesting bruises, and a great concern about how I'm going to get the rest here by the end of the week.

I never said I was bright.

sell it on Ebay as firewood.
disposable plastic sheeting lining the back of your car. Just chuck it when you're done. Not sure about your hands and your body though... maybe you should make a plastic sheeting outfit, complete with guantlet. Then again, maybe not.
Two words.

Goo Gone

The stuff is magic.

Love Goo Be Gone :) It is a miracle worker.

But then I also like the idea of you and your van dressed up like a cross between a condom and a sack of groceries....
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