Thursday, May 05, 2005


Skritch My Belly!

No, be a pillow. No! Skritch my belly!

Oh hell, why can't it be both?

It's a floor polish and a dessert topping! LOL

Pretty cat, wish I could sleep.
If I skritch either of my cat's bellies, I'm liable to lose a limb. And yet, they always lay on their backs, legs in the air, begging for it. Little teases.
You've been Tagged!!! Again!!! What can I say, I love your posts :)
See my blog for the questions.
Funny, we have an all black cat that loves to have her belly skritched, too. The others like to lay all spread eagle slut like with their fluffy bellies exposed but they try to kill you as soon as you move in for the skritch.
look bunnies ya brought out the cat lovers!!! YAAAAY!! Cat Cat Cat!!! I miss having a cat.
Cat cat cat! If I do that to Jazmine, she'll take her built-in ginsu knives and shred my arm. But it's so tempting as she has rabbit-like fur. O.C. will let me rub his belly when he's sleeping, he gets all sprawly and into it, and then he wakes up, looking violated and ashamed and skulks away. It's so worth it.
I wanna kittie.
lol yeah, my cat used to look violated as well lol... * loves cat post* not to mention the kitten like behaviour with full grown nails,!! owies..
That's a cat ?
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