Saturday, May 21, 2005


Not Well Enough To Die

So how fucked up is this?

There's this guy on death row, and his sister is sick. He's gonna die anyhow so on his way out, he'd like to give part of his liver to his sister, who has non-alcohol-related cirrhosis.

"During a hearing before the parole board, Johnson's lawyer said blood tests found his liver would be compatible with his sister.

Johnson contended the lethal injection of chemicals used for executions would poison the organ, making a post-execution transplant impossible. There was disagreement among medical experts on whether that would be the case.

If Johnson donates part of his liver, it could take up to two months for him to recover enough to return to death row."

Um, pardon me? Mr. Johnson, for whatever reason, is slated for death. This is not meant to be an argument for or against the death penalty. BUT ... this guy, who has done something so heinous that the state believes he should die for it, is now trying to give back to his sister before he's killed, and the state is saying no way?


I'm amazed that a) they think they can refuse a life-saving procedure and b) they think someone has to be healthy enough to die.

I find this very upsetting.

Where did you see this ? I have to read more on this issue. I am flabbergasted. Yet this is so much like what I have come to expect from the government. Keeping in mind that my whole adult life I have worked for some level of government...
Pretty fucked up indeed! I don't know what state this is happening in but I don't agree that the taxpayers there should foot the bill for this (his hospitalization, surgery, ICU, recouperation, ect.) but as long as whatever entity is absorbing the cost for the sister is willing to be responsible for the donor as well, they should allow him to do this.
Kinda reminds me of radical "right-to-life" advocates bombing clinics and killing the docs and nurses who preform abortions. This too is not a debate on pro choice vs. right to life but isn't killing, killing? And if the guy is gonna die anyway, shouldn't his ability and willingness to help his sister be just another facet of repaying his debt to society? Sometimes we can be so politically correct it's to our own detriment! Great thought provoking post!
What a wierd thing to argue over. Save a life and then kill the dude. He does not have to be healthy to die. Most people who die are not. What a crappy thing. He could do a small bit of good and look... Sad.
I have never understood why it matters if the person to be executed is well or not. If they are gonna die anyway, who cares? That is just more money spent on someone who doesn't deserve the expense.
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