Friday, May 20, 2005


The Naming of The Wheel

I will be going out carousing Friday night with the students from where I work, so I'm posting Friday's post now, as I can't think I'll be either interested in doing so or capable of being coherent by the time we return from The Nastiest Bar In North Vancouver.

(Any of y'all who live up here know the place to which I am referring, and you're welcome to join us there any time after 8pm. Dress sleazy, mmkay? We'll be there until late.)

I received a number of good suggestions for the wheel's name. Lynne suggested Ashley, Marlene suggested Alison.

Kathy suggested Paige, someone who has been stalking me even longer than has Suzanne suggested Charakha or Jenny, Trixie had a lot of good suggestions including Kipling and Trixie, Micky suggested Bunny Bitchlet and I was leaning towards Gillespie when my husband came up with the perfect name.

Her name is Lily.

He explained that it was after the lilies of the field. You know, "consider the lilies of the field. They do not toil; neither do they spin."

After I busted a fleece in his ass (and stopped laughing) I realized that that is, indeed, the perfect name.

For his contribution, I'm going to make him a pair of felted slippers, as he longs for some so sincerely.

All of the other suggestions were great, and I think some runner-up prizes are in order. I don't have everyone's snailmail addie, but if you'd like to drop me a line, something (and I promise not a ball of green cotton) will be winging your way in a couple of weeks.

This was fun, thanks everyone!

That was really kind of sweet that your husband came up with that name... did you realize he was so "thoughtful"?
That is my dogs name. Good name as any. Just hope your wheel doesn't drool.
Great name. Hope now that it is named, it will cooperate with you and help you make beautiful things.
Lily is a great name. Hopefully she spins well and doesn't make you "toil".

All of your fleece, including the damaged one, look better than the one I am trying to tame. I had pretty much come to the conclusion that I would only spin roving or batts for the rest of my life, but your photos of what fleece CAN be has left me with some hope. Maybe the fleece that is doing me in is just a ba-ba-ba-ba-bad fleece?
i'm responding to the comment you put on trixie's blog. you do too have my addy, did you ever send that oatmeal colored yarn? and no, i don't want green cotton!
Wow. Hum. Your husband quoted something other than a Simpson's character or a golf magazine ? Gosh. I would name my wheel after his suggestion too ! He sounded so intelligent. *sigh* But WaWa did go fetch dinner and is now mowing the lawn. I can't complain. Mine is equally useful and lovely on the eyes :)
[...someone who has been stalking me ...]!!!!!

No more bunny balls for you, missy.

Sheesh - kids these days have no appreciation for positive attention.

Next I s'pose you'll get married, have a kid, and move to Canada, eh?

Just you wait 'til I tell your father about this.

Stalking, indeed!
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