Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Learning To Spin: Part One

OK, so I've got the good luck bunniepants on:

I've got the roving:

And you know that Lily is standing by patiently:

Having about sixteen minutes spare in my schedule, I decided the time was nigh to learn to spin.

I, of course, didn't oil the wheel and took only the most cursory glance at an instruction page before diving right in, so eager was I to prove to myself and the world that I would, indeed, be a master spinner before the night was out.

All was going well until ...

This didn't seem quite right, but it wasn't until I got a Memo from the Desk of W.T. Fuck:

that I realized that there was a little more to this than just enthusiastically pounding on the treadle.

Projects for this week:

a) oil the wheel
b) tighten the drive belt thingie
c) get a grip

Here we have my first few yards of what may, by the very charitable, loosely be called yarn.

And I couldn't be prouder than if I'd grown the fleece myself.

Try treadling a little more slowly--it looks like you managed to overtwist by a good amount! Don't worry, We all did it on our learning curves!
Yup. Looks like yarn to me. Hey, I'm impressed that its twisted and wound on the bobbin. Slowing down rather than treadling furiously might help, as Cathy said.
Increasing the tension may also help--I had the same problem when learning to spin and discovered that my tension knob was in fact missing and that's why the yarn wasn't getting wound onto the bobbin!
I'm so impressed that you just sat down and went for it. I have no tech-nit-chal assvice, as I do not know how to do that spinning thing. Well done, you.
But dude, those jammies...my eyes, my eyes.
Awesome! Spin on, baby.
Seems to me that you are on the road to a new addiction.
you do realize that we all pay high dollar for novelty thick and thin yarn like that. you are on your way to millions, woman (as long as it's not millions of dishcloths made from green cotton)
yaay well done bunnie
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