Wednesday, May 04, 2005


In The End ...

Today's best quote: "In the end, you know you'll have to get out the toxic spray, rubber gloves and knee pads." posted by my friend Smee over at Words In A Row. I'm pretty sure that quote describes how this job's going to end. Go read her. She likes ranting.

Today's worst quote? "Oh, then I can send you all of my Bernat Handicrafter Cotton for your dishcloths!" said in an email from a coworker who just found out I'm leaving my job and will be spending a lot more time knitting.


Who would like to bet that I accepted?

I'll take that bet - you will take the Cotton.

Good luck on leaving your job. I left TELUS during the great buyout - it was scary after 12 yrs but I am happier now.
I'll take that bet, too. I'll bet you green cotton that you took the cotton that was offered to you.
Rabbitch, pass up something to knit with?? I'll take that bet!
See, the tricky part would be finding someone to actually bet that you WOULDN'T take the cotton.

Sheesh, I done went and forgot all about the tag, and after volunteering and all. I'll post it tomorrow. Speedy healing to you (and, gah, I just wrote 'heeling'. Though, considering the location of the injury, not so outlandish.)
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