Monday, May 30, 2005


I Owe the Karma Man

I didn't manage to find him at work on Sunday. It didn't seem to make a lot of difference.

Today, hubby went for an interview (for a job he's already been offered). Two minutes after he left the house he popped back in, to give me this ...

And then the people for whom I will no longer work as of 2pm tomorrow took me out for dinner and presented me with this.

To say that my flabber was gasted would be a mighty understatement.

It almost made berable the phone call from the fucker of mothers (and of fathers, too) who is selling this place despite all assurances to the contrary. He seems to think he's showing the suite tomorrow. He isn't. Wednesday noon is the soonest I'll be opening the door to anyone.

I seem to think I'm breaking my lease shortly. Still need to slip the karma man a couple of bucks for a new house ...

A drum carder! I'm sooo jealous! If I let you come live in my spare bedroom, can I use it?
If you got all that without donating to the karma man getting involved, babe, you don't need him.

Then again, for house karma, you might wanna play it safe. I've never even seen drumcarder karma work like that before. wow.
Come over here and stand by me! I need some of that Karma!!
Good things? Very good.

As for the drum carder - wow - I guess they HAVE been paying attention.
Um, this good Karma you're having, and you deserve it prolly more than anyone I know, but, well, could you maybe spare a little? I'm trying to sound wistful here; did I succeed?

Seriously, congrats and keep practicing on the spinner, it gets better.

Yay for teh bunnei and her karma!
I'm trying to think of something nice to say that will increase my own karma a bit, but I'm so fucking jealous of your drum carder, I can't think of anything!
Lucky Rabbitch.
I find it odd that no one has commented on your dream of a husband: a pink rose.
What's left to say?
Awww Lovely rose!!..and cool toy!! :D
This is all grand, but hmm. A rose? A drumcarder to go with your spinning wheel? Starting to sound a little bit like a Sleeping Beauty tale to me.

You got some damn fine karma going on. Keep it up!
I am glad that everyone before me knew what that was - cause I had no idea.

Sounds like the good karma is coming your way, can I stand behind you and get some of the leftovers??

Pretty please
It's not karma, you are creating a better reality for yourself. Enjoy!
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