Sunday, May 01, 2005


I Believe I Can Fly

Well no.

However, I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to actually quit my job. Either that or cough up something between $2k and $5k to maintain my benefits during the year's leave of absence for which I was going to ask. Benefits I hardly use now, and won't need at all because of better benefits at the other job.

It's either that or keep doing the same job for another five years while feeling myself slowly die inside and while also whining constantly and watching the people who read this blog slowly fade away until I'm sitting here whining to myself.

And that just didn't seem like a really good idea. Because I am an attention whore.

So even though I don't actually believe I can fly, I guess I'm gonna try.

I'll give them two weeks' notice on Friday.

And I'm even going to pretend I'm not scared. If you love me you'll pretend to believe it.

*belives for bunnies*
Wow. Look what happens when I don't stop by for a week.

Glad to hear you got the job. As for other, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Soar like an eagle, leave the turkeys behind, and keep us posted.

That's one brave bunster!

I'm twitching and it's not even me doing it.
I believe you're not scared, I believe you're not scared!

(BTW, sent something off to you on Friday)
it may be sorta scary (to those not as brave as our Rabbitch), but I bet it will feel so good! Try to look at the positive :)
Be brave, girl! scared is normal, brave is that you're doing it anyway and you raise in how many years??? don't let the screen door hit them in the butt...
Hey toots,
I have been there. You will be fine. I went through the exact same thing and everything is ok now. It is scary though. I do believe that you are not scared but I am lying to make you feel better.

That feeling isn't fear - it's ELATION.

If you know in your gut that ANYTHING - job, relationship, whatever - is sucking the life out of you, get the fuck out any way you can.

Seriously, it'll be better, and I think you know it. Now send me your addy so I can send you champagne. Or tequila, your call.
YAY! Of course you can fly! All bunnies can fly silly, they just need a good parachute and a decent cliff to jump off! ;-) I'm excited for you - a soul sucking job is always worth leaving! And we wouldn't fade away - who would keep our monitors washed with coffee and soda every week?
fly, be free! (just don't splat like the egg in mork & mindy). seriously, it was time to shed that shithole. you'll be better off. be not afraid, lest fear consume you. (sorry, felt something biblical overtake me, i'm better now.)
Sometimes you have to get rid of the bad to make room for the good. You go girl!
I would urge you to be brave, but being brave implies that there is something to fear ....

so I will say 'so what', in a very casual, it's no big deal fashion ...

if it turns into a big deal, I promise to buy some dishcloths!
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