Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I am sic (sic)

I seem to have gotten myself some sort of streaming, honking, sneezing, insanely attractive headcold.

The kind that makes me happy that I am knitting with synthetics at the moment.

The kind that makes me reluctant to toddle out and fondle my fleece, now residing out front of the house (under the overhang) in one Rubbermaid bin and three large black plastic garbage cans. (Yes, there's that much. It's packed down pretty tight, too -- I need to haul some out and start washing it within the next week, methinks. It ranges from almost pure white to quite buttery-yellow. I am avoiding the thought that the yellow likely comes from sheep pee. Let's just say I can tell which end of the -- at least four -- sheep each part of the fleece came from.)

The kind that makes me wish I wasn't reading a site as funny as this one, because really, it's not something you need to be perusing whilst trying to kill yourself with sneezing.

The wheel has been named -- results tomorrow. Unless of course I die tonight, in which case, she'll just be "the wheel that is going back to Patricia because I haven't paid for it yet and I am dead".

* hugs * for 'sicness' :)
Get well soon! And remember - if you can tell which end of the fleee is the arse, that`s where the coarsest wool is - there can be quite a difference, end to end.
And yes, the yellow is what you think it is. (Unless it`s a residue of fly-strike ointment - golly gosh, it all comes flooding back, the sheer fun of sheep keeping...)
Hang in there - that nasty sneezy head cold crap has been going around here, too. I'm finally to the point where I don't sound quite so much like an 80 year old woman who huffs paint fumes and smokes unfiltered cigs anymore. It's been a long hard recovery though, helped along by much whining and many chocolate donuts.
I had a buttery yellow fleece, but the yellow went away and it was a creamy white once I did my "hot" wash to get the lanolin out.
Why are spinning fleece again ?

Who in their right mind wants to deal with sheep pee ?

Oh wait...It's YOU !

Feel better soon. You made me smile even though it was at your expense. What are friends for ?
You must stay alive long enough to get your bounty as it will be mailed this weekend.

If EMERGENCY measures are needed..then so be it.
Get well soon. Maybe you haven't had your fibre fill for the day.
Please at least stay alive until you can post about the Washing of the Fleece.
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