Wednesday, May 18, 2005


How Do You Hide ...

... four large garbage bags of gently-reeking fleece from your husband who does not appreciate "l'air du barn" quite as much as do you?

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Right now I'm thinking I'm going to take some big Rubbermaid storage tubs out to the van, fill them with the fleece, seal them as tightly as possible and then stack them in my storage room, closing the door firmly behind me.

And now ... the wheel.

I've had nineteen or twenty suggestions and I did up a dealie over at but blogger doesn't like my HTML and it ate it.


I'm going to try it again because I'm too lazy to count. Plus, like, I can't. Clearly.

I would take the gently reeking fiber and put them in smaller bags like you get at the grocery store then add some fabric dryer sheets in larger bags then put it all into the rubbermaid with some more dryer sheets.

Supposedly dryer sheets keep out wool eatting bugs.
I recall from an interior design course that if you can't hide it you "reveal" it, meaning make it a focal point or feature of the room. Of course then you would have to convince your husband it's HIM who smells like a barnyard, not the fluffy new designer couch. ;-)
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