Thursday, May 26, 2005


Getting Closer

Well, I think my second attempt looks a little bit more like yarn.

OK, so it's nowhere near "good" yet but it's a lot more even, and it seems to be good enough to interest the newest fibre ho' in my household ...

Apple, tree. Minimal distance.

I'm just sayin'.

I love newbie yarn. Be sure and save some of this yarn from the "novelty phase". Six months from now you won't be able to spin matter how hard you try.
I'll say it again - I am so impressed with you. And I love the ugly newborn yarn - it looks so brave and adventurous.

As for your little girl - yeah, we couldn't see that coming. Can you imagine being that age and seeing the magic of yarn being made in front of you? You'd have to be pried off that wheel with a spatula.
My kids are also fascinated with the wheel. Brian is already telling me that I need to "adjust my tension" and that I am "overspinning." He's four. Evan just likes to stick pieces of fleece in the end of the bobbin as it goes around, until it gets all tangled.
I don't think that I would ever have the patience that would be required to spin but it doesn't look interesting.

Are you planning on keeping the wool in its natural color or dying it - I hear alot of people dye their wool with Kool-Aid.
It just takes practice. You're definitely getting there. Isn't it fun? God, I love to spin. So relaxing. I need to post some pics. Haven't done that in a while.

Have you tried letting the wee one treadle for you? My son loves getting to do that. Good thing he's interested in the simple stuff.
You're spinning! Congratulations.
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