Monday, May 02, 2005


Dishcloth Divorce

No, I'm not getting divorced, at least not this week. Those who have a) read this blog or b) listened to my ranting may find this startling, however He Who Is Now Allowed To Live Indoors cleaned the kitchen today. Pretty much all of it (apart from the floor). Even the part with The Mysterious and Stomach-Turning Smeel. (not a typo).

No, I am reporting that The Great Dishcloth Debacle is now over. I've only got half of them done, but she's picking them up tomorrow. So tomorrow I shall be $30 richer and dishcloth-less, and no, she isn't pissed that I only did ten.

I would have made the deadline if I hadn't given away 8 of them and kept one for myself. If I had only had one left to go, I would have stayed up and done it but rilly, ten in one night? Not happening, even if I didn't have to work tomorrow.

(oh yes i quit my job today)

Nothing much else to report apart from the fact that some guy sort of tried to pick me up in the hardware store today because I "seemed like I knew what I was doing" ... I guess being able to ask for three inches of 5/16 threaded rod is sexy or something. Well, maybe to a guy with only three inches of ...

Oh. Well that explains it. I'm not usually hit on by relatively attractive (but short) men in expensive suits. I'm really not an expensive suit kinda gal and usually attract the attention of the guys in jeans and flannel shirts, if anyone notices my extreme hotness at all, that is.

Although I hasten to add that I do in fact OWN a Jones of New York suit for which I paid $800.

(which I may wear on my last day of work which is may 20).

Seeing I've been on the all-stress, no-sleep diet of late and have lost 14 lbs since September, I think I can get my ass into it again.

I haven't said ass for far too long.

(although I'll likely say it a lot after i leave my job and have time to start up an on-line store which will likely be launched some time in september watch this spot for details)

That's all for today, folks. Sorry it was such a boring post. I'll hopefully have some actual knitting content soon, seeing I can kiss these blasted dishcloths goodbye.

(there will be dishcloths for sale on the on-line store, naturally, as I still have like 200 balls of cotton).

I think me instintily know when your going to throw them away.. it's like thay turn into complete gentelmen and do everything you have ever asked of them right there on the spot for that day and for every more.. it's fun!!:D hehe.. is happy that bunnie quit her job :D (incase anyone doesn't know this ( :D ) means big grin)
Yay, you're a quitter! Congrats! And tons and tons of good luck with the new job and the mysterious online store venture... can't wait to see what the hell that's all about. Are you going to knit and sell "marriage aid" devices??
Go Rabbitch! Go Rabbitch! Great news on all fronts. Now don't cry when those dishcloths walk out the door, I know you'll miss them.

Hmmm, maybe you can knit stripper outfits? Willie Warmers? Oh, the possibilities.
Yeah for you! Good luck with all your ventures - knitted marital aids -hmm could be interesting
Woohoo, it's over! The dishcloths and the job (well, almost). How'd they take it?
It's mee, teh Smee. HOORAY for quitting the soul-destroying job! Now maybe you'll have time again for hot monkey sex. And also for the rapidly gowing dotter type kid. So now I'll see you on ICQ maybe?
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