Sunday, May 08, 2005


Caught in a Trap

Or should that be "Cotton: A Trap"?

I, of course, accepted the generous offer of cotton from my co-worker. Imagine my surprise when she showed up in my office the next day with this:

Containing this:

About seven pounds of cotton, including 19 or 20 balls of Paton's cotton in a gorgeous (for those who are not allergic to pinque) fuschia. Those are earmarked for some kind of top for my daughter (and something for me). The rest is Bernat Handicrafter in ecru and a blue variegated which will end up as ... you guessed it ... dishcloths.

But not for a while. I need a break from that sort of shit.

I'm starting to develop a theory about cotton. Nobody but me likes it. People see it, get all excited about the col(u)rs, buy it, take it home, start knitting with it and realize it's a bitch. They then put it in a bag and bide their time, until a sucker like me comes along, and then they unload it.

I'm assuming by 2010 I will be the only person in North America who actually owns any cotton yarn at all.

And THEN, babies, you're gonna be paying big bucks for those dishcloths you're all laughing about.

Revenge will be sweet, and made of cotton.

You will not be the only one with cotton! I've gor several spool remnents of the Peaches and Cream, and I love making my own washcloths!
Dare I suggest a bright fushia Shapely Tank. No, really, I think it would look great.
Cotton is our friend. Afterall, if it weren't for cotton how would be take off makeup? Not only that but what would we call a rabbits tail? As far as knitting goes cotton sucks.
i love cotton. most specifically sugar n cream. at christmas i made 40 little turtleneck sweaters out of sugar n cream for my christmas tree. i've made afghans in sugar n cream.

so you'll have to beat me with a stick if you want to own all of the cotton yarn in north america.
I'm another knitter who loves cotton! I just can't understand it when I see people blog about hating knitting with cotton. I just don't get it.

Oh well..more cotton yarn for the likes of us.
Add me to the list, I'm working on one sweater for myself in cotton at the moment, and have two more waiting in the wings.
This is begging a survey where people can declare their love or repulsion to cotton. Maybe the outcome will surprise even the hard-ass likes of our darling Rabbitch.
I happen to find hand knit cotton washcloths the only thing worthy of being used to wash my most delicate face with. In fact I have quite recently purchased a few new balls of cotton yarn to make myself more of the lovelies.
Aw, snarkies... Now I'm going to have Elvis stuck in my head all night. :)
It is entirely possible that, if you send me your address, I will send you suitable-for-dishcloth cotton. You have been warned.
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