Friday, May 13, 2005


Big Wheel Keep On Turnin'

Little wheel, actually. An Ashford Traveler.

Isn't she lovely? Please ignore the duct tape and the stains on the carpet. We've had some ... incidents.

And now for a name. Dolores is far too formal for this little cutie.

Being bereft of inspiration, I feel a competition coming on. Email suggestions (no wretched alliteration please!) to and I'll think up something suitably festive as a prize.

The first hank of decent homespun I get out of this baby? Or maybe some green cotton dishcloths? *g*

My first fleece has also arrived but I strongly suspect it's too matted and also too coarse to be worth spinning. I'll check with someone who knows what they're doing and see if my suspicions are correct. It's washed, it's a lovely col(u)r and it smells divine, but the texture? Feh. Not so much love there.

Cute wheel. However, it looks nothing like my Ashford traveller. But I'm still quite pleased with mine, and I wish you many hours of happy spinning!
yaay! for wheel..looks like my mums, spet hers is dark brown.. yaay
Whoa Janice - we got some sort of weird karmic connekshun going. Just today I went to a spinning orgy and rented myself - for a whole $10 a month - an Ashford Traveler! I already spun & plied me some scratchy turquoise crap, but it's yarn, baby!

As for a name - Ashley? Ashley T. Wheel? I am thinking a male Ashley, ala Gone with the Wind.
This doesn't look like the Ashford Traveler I saw on the wooltools website. I'm thinking it's either an older model or she's wrong about what it is.

It's still lovely and being borderline OCD I can see me spinning until I either tip over or get RSI or something.
Beautiful wheel, congratulations! Ask her what her name is, she'll tell you. See if "Alison" makes her happy.
You know, you could have passed the stains off as shadows. I wouldn't looked for them otherwise.
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