Sunday, May 15, 2005


Bagel Powers

I was so tired at work today that I actually almost fell over on the street at lunch. Not good. Going to bed very early tonight.

I got home to find this email waiting from my hubby:

Bagels and Cream Cheese

"I'm hungry." Well, what do you want?
Pause. "Bagels and cream cheese." Okay.
"Mommy makes better bagels and cream cheese than you do." Oh, really?
What does she do differently?
Pause. "She does it the same."
Then why are hers better than mine?
Pause. "Mommy has bagel powers."


I think perhaps I'll keep going another day or two.

ha HA!! love that,!
Bunnie, isn't this your last week at the old job? Go baby, go! You can do it. And you have super bagel powers too.
Just one more thing that Mommies do better than daddies!
Bagel powers ? Are you a member of the tribe ?
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