Wednesday, May 25, 2005


And a Great Rejoicing Was Heard Throughout the Land

Item the first:

I just knit up my first two-three lame yards of my own homespun. It is monumentally ugly ... but dudes, I WAS ABLE TO KNIT IT!

Alert the media.

The wheel has been oiled and the tension fiddled with and I think I can do a better job on my next try. Perhaps tomorrow; it's late. Oh, who am I fooling?

Item the glorious second:

The little damaged fleece isn't so damaged after all. In fact, most of it is just fine. She Who Knows All Things Spinnerly sat and helped me card a little of it (the little roll is mine):

She says there'll be tons for the necessary purpose (making a sweater) and she's even going to help me spin it, which is likely a good thing, considering Exhibit A, above.

Item the last:

Tonight at work I was knitting on one of those dishcloths. You know, those ones. The ones in the shade of green that MarQ1 helped me define as "Vole Vomit". My co-worker looked at it and said "Man, I like that colour! It's so soft."

I do believe that the little colourblind lady may well be getting a houseworming gift. Yes, I know that's supposed to be "housewarming" but dudes, you've seen the green.

I think it may be time to dance.

It's good to have friends who know things that you do not ! I think Dog for Itgirl all the time. She teaches me all kinds of useful stuff...but not how to knit.
Well I think that yarn will make beautiful and soft dishcloths.
Looks like Colinette to me! Dye that stuff with some fun colors, it'll be fab!!
I don't think it's all that ugly. It's an interesting effect.
On the other hand, somebody liked that colour?
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