Sunday, April 24, 2005



Just a quick post tonight -- I'm exhausted, having worked about eleventy-seven hours since Friday (five shifts in three days, to be exact) and I'm heading to the bath with a big bowl of popcorn and a trashy novel.

I scooped some old knitting mags today, and although there are some gorgeous patterns (many of which I will post in days to come), there are definitely some things that we just don't need to see knitted:

And some things we shouldn't have to see at all:

I bid you a tasteful adieu until tomorrow, although I'm not sure if I can sleep after having seen those pictures.

Doesn't the popcorn get soggy?
Bad clown, bad clown! 50 lashes with a wet noodle.

Trashy novel sounds good, popcorn, uh. My motto was book, bath and a beer.
Ok, that was scary.

*shudder* that is beyond creepy. Now I need a shower.
I love how you find things such as the Sasquatch Purple crewneck and the clown porn. Priceless.
Classic. It must be some special talent of yours...Clown Porn Makes Life Bareable...
No wonder kids are afraid of clowns.
oh man, i hate clowns. always have. wow, that is so sincerely disturbing, it's actually funny. you do know how to pick 'em!
How disturbing. Enjoy your bath and try to erase those mental images. Trashy novels are good for that ;)
I feel dirty.
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