Sunday, April 17, 2005



Why is this sort of thing being allowed? I found the link on someone else's website, honest. I wasn't googling for it.

I hate the fact that "to google" is a verb, btw, almost as much as I hate the fact that "to blog" is a verb.

"to knit" is a verb I would like to spend a lot more time exploring but this weekend didn't work out quite how I wanted. I'm almost-rested, though, (for the first time in like three months). That's gotta count for something.

Ya think?

I hope the same can be said for our new receptionist, nicknamed "Princess Narcolepsis". I've never actually seen someone fall asleep at their desk while working before.

Give me strength ...

fart a phone hahaha.. hmm gezz lol .. well it made me laugh anyways,more at the stupidity than anything.. well done on the resting!! yaaay !:)

haha hmm well to fall asleep at work she mustn't be doing enoughtlol.. or have some kinda disorder
I work part time at a yarn store, and the owner is always offering to "swift" people's yarn for them. She means to "wind into a ball". I always want to scream "Swift Isn't A Verb!!!" I haven't thought of a nice way to correct her yet. People always look at her like she's speaking a different language when she says that, though.
ah, verbization - lots of times it annoys me, especially when used by people in middle management who I always assume, until they prove otherwise, are morons who've been promoted so that the rest of us can get on with the task of getting work done. I will admit though, i've fallen asleep at work. at my keyboard. with my eyes open.
I think I fired your new receptionist a few weeks ago...enjoy her ! We sure did...
Maybe "this" is a Kiwi thing?
Too much sugar after lunch and I can fall asleep while my boss is talking to me. Watch her M&M intake.
well at least you can't smell the fart.

and i once fell asleep during an organic chemistry exam. just a minute though. i did not do well.
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