Monday, April 25, 2005


The Whacking of the Weeds

Today I experienced The Whacking of the Weeds. Good grief, can you HAVE more fun with your clothes on? (Or maybe with your clothes off. I have not yet Whacked the Weeds of the front yard -- tune in tomorrow for updates.)

(Please note that this is not some dainty euphemism for further redecoration of my snatch. I am referring to yardwork you filthy perverts.)

I must say the whole thing (except for when I learned the lesson about how to point the hose sort of at an angle when cleaning off the Whacker of Weeds in order not to soak the last pair of semi-presentable pair of pants one owns) made me feel desperately butch (but in a girly way, honest!); it was almost as much of a turn-on as when I got my first electric drill.

I do believe some girls were born to have power tools, and that I am one of them. Take that as you wish.

Take (please), also, this little creation, found in the knitting books I scooped yesterday. These are, allegedly, salamanders; I'm pretty sure they're teddies. With the clap.

And I think we just know whose parents ended up buried in the back yard, don't we?

Sleep well, if you can.

aw yeah, I love power tools! We went to check out the locally owned hardware store just down the street this weekend - it was awesome! I was all about the table saws, but when I saw that huge dremel tool display, I think some drool accidentally slipped out. That thing can do anything!
...and some have power tools thrust upon them?

Hedge trimmers are what really get my testosterone revving.
It would be a great thing to destroy either of those sweaters with a power tool of one's choice.

I know how this happens though. Granmothers (many of whom, like mine, are colorblind), just throw s*** together.
rabbitch, when you speak of redecorating your snatch, it implies a first attempt at decoration .... what are we talking about here? topiary, bonsai, ornaments, sparkles?
I just like watching my bf use power tools. Not big on doing it myself, that's too close to "work". I think that boy might be about to do something bad with that umbrella...
and you didn't give those to stitchy? perfect for that! good god, those were hideous.
gotta love power tools though (doing a tim allen grunt).
I just frightened the guinea pigs when I read your comment on the feathery sweater at Stitchy's. Loved all your comments, and the one on your page with the little boy...! Janet
Does a KitchenAid stand mixer count a a power tool?
Actually. I bought a sander last year because I really wanted one. I still have not used it. I don't have anty place to use it.
I shudder to think what weed-whacking in the backyard (back garden?) might mean if applied to 'personal attributes'.
I'll stop there.
My husband, when he was still just a boyfriend, gave me for my first birthday we were together-a 14V Makita cordless drill. I had no choice but to marry him. I had mentioned to husband #1 that I wanted/needed one and his proclamation was that our house would look like a woodpecker lived there. I divorced that asshole. And let me tell you, I used the crap out of the thing until last birthday when he upgraded me to a DeWalt. When I buy my house I'm getting a miter saw. Try and stop me.
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