Monday, April 18, 2005



I, the self-crowned Dishcloth Queen, discovered last night that I had dropped a stitch.

Me. The slowest, most careful knitter in the universe.

Fourteen rows back. On a fucking dishcloth, made of fucking cotton, which is almost impossible to fucking pull up again.

So I frogged.

I am using this as my excuse for having gone out and eaten way too much and consumed the best part of a really good bottle of wine (click on "our wines", Canada, Bin 45 Cabernet Sauvignon.) If you like a dry red, order three or four bottles of this next time you go out. You won't regret it. Well, not until the next morning.


The cause of the dinner was actually the departure of our beloved receptionist (replaced by Princess N of slumberly fame). Man, I like calamari!

heeee heeee !!Candian wine huh ??? * tut tut... you need Austrailan wine love ,, hehe :P
I'm also a slooow knitter and have never been able to pick up a dropped stitch. I keep thinking it's something I should learn to do. But I figure if I just knit right in the first place I won't need that skill (YEAH RIGHT!!)
Um, Lumy? Lindemans is Australian. It's quite a well-known ... oh, nevermind.

ooo, we love canadian wines. Specifically Okanagan wines. Specifically Hainle and Scherzinger vineyards. We brought back 14 bottles on our last trip to the OK in 2000 - yummy!
"whats the world comming to , when peopel expect people to follow links aswell !!" ,, gezz ;)) hee hee :P
Ooh! Love Lindeman wines! I like the shiraz! I think it's bin 50. Hmm, too many exclamation points. Guess I had too many glasses of wine tonight! :)
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