Thursday, April 28, 2005


Quick Update

I've destroyed my back again (I suspect The Whacking of the Weeds had something to do with this) and spent the entire day lying in a hot bath, popping ibuprofen and praying to walk again. The folks at work of course got pissed about this, so I repaid them by a) producing a doctor's note (I have a seventeen YEAR history of this fucking injury, people!) and b) asking for a year's leave of absence starting June 1.

I got the job at the hospital (whee!) and have no intention of returning to the job in a year or ever, I just asked for the leave as a safety net. So if they turn it down, no biggie, I'll give them two weeks notice and walk. A week if they're exceptionally pissy -- my collective agreement doesn't actually require me to give any notice at all.

No knitting whatsoever has happened; I'm unable to sit long enough to do much of anything, but hey, maybe I'll manage to get a week off in between jobs!

I really, really hope they turn down my request ...

Well, you can't knit - so you need to be tagged - your it.

See my blog.

{See what happens when you bring me over to the dark side and have me knitting dish clothes}
Hurray on the new job.
I recommend chocolates and port. Doesn't really do anything about the back, but...
Congratulations on the new job. And, I hope the back lets up soon. But, pain or no, you still funny lady.
Have you tried Aleve? That's what my doc always gives me for my back....
weee weee weee .. im so glad you got the new job!!! * has party * doesn't for get to invite you hehe.

No i don't have a Incontinence problem.

*be's magic fairy helping back*
Hope you feel better soon. I love the idea of asking for a leave, brilliant! And slightly devious hehe ;)
Holy Shit ! A new job.

I hope you feel better before the first day. What are you going to wear ?

green cotton dishcloth suit and keds ?
Congrats on the new job! How's the back now?
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