Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Poppin' a Wheelie

I seem to be going to visit an Ashford spinning wheel this weekend.

This wheel lives about 14 blocks from here. It is for sale. I cannot spin and have no money and my husband is not yet working.

I do, however, have about 2 lbs of natural fleece that needs to be carded and spun (oh yes, and I don't have carding combs), a pound of roving that needs to be dyed and spun and also 8 oz of berry mohair and 5 oz of purple kid mohair that need to be carded and spun.

Anyone want to place bets that I end up with a new wheel somehow?

I really am going to have to start up a geriatric knit and strip club with Fidgety Budgie some time soon.

As an addendum, I would like to ask the person who found this blog by entering "drumsticks in her vagina" into Google to go right the fuck away and not come back.

I mean rilly.

I don't think I will ever be the same again. Now every woman I see, I will have to wonder "Do YOU put drumsticks in your vagine?" The woman in front of my in line at the grocery store, the anchor on the evening news or (God, please, no) the woman serving the chicken salad sandwhich special at the deli.
now i wonder -- are those drumsticks from a chicken? or drum sticks. the mind reels.
For the geriatric knit and strip club you could wear a knitted outfit onto stage, hand a loose end to a patron, and then gyrate your way around the stage, gradually unravelling down to your pasties.

Or of course you could pull those knitted drumsticks out of your vagina.

Either way it would be quite the show.
I realized today that the peace arch might be the perfect place to set up an ad hoc strip club - just to test the waters. We can get all the people waiting in both lines, and run for the borders when the patrol/rcmp shows up. And we can sell hot buffalo wings for snacks!!! But i'm not putting them up there no matter how much cash they brandish.
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