Tuesday, April 19, 2005


One Down!

I discovered today that there are four people ahead of me for the job that would save my large wobbly bum and also make it possible for me to spend a lot of time with my kid during her kindergarten year.

One has already failed the testing.

One would get it for sure, but has withdrawn her application from every other job she's applied for over the last four years, owing to the fact that we work locked away from the world and there would be nobody to stare at her breasts while she was working (which would, of course, mean that she didn't exist).

So, if everyone out there would please keep their fingers crossed for two random acts of intense stupidity, and one violent surge of hormones, I would greatly appreciate it.

Barring that, please run them over.

Thanks In Advance.

I've crossed my fingers and everything else I could possibly cross. It's rather uncomfortable, and it's all for you babe! :)
Oh I know how you feel. I'm dying for this job that I'm interivewing for Thursday. Fingers are crossed for both of us :)
I'm at that point in the month where running something/one over would make me sooooo happy. Just point me in the right direction! Good luck with the job!
Good luck (for you) sudden loss of interest in the position (for them).
Sounds like you need to finish the chicken hat and offer it up to the dog in exchange for favors. =)
We will send out a spell causing all others to fall by the way-side and you will get the job of your dreamers!!!

Or just have them walk along Kingsway by Boundary and I can run them over - ha ha
Everything crossed just for you! Good luck!
My kindergarten paint-covered fingers are crossed and recrossed! Here's hoping! :)
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